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How much does it cost to Start an Indoor Playground?

How much cost to start an indoor playground is primary questions when get into this business. In year 2018 we made 43 project in 46 in Europe, Now we have indoor play area equipment over 70 countries like US, Canada, Indian, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Romania, Chile, Pakistan….

Different country has different indoor playground price

In Each country the cost have huge different, Now we compare price between our factory with manufacture local. Supplier in India is 120% compare with our price, but quality worse, because over there are short of material, so need to buy from China. Supplier in USA is 4 times expensive than us, Supplier in Europe is 5 times expensive than us.

How to calculate the indoor playground price?

Now we are going to share the price range of product and others.

Total cost= FOB cost + shipping +import duty +installation


FOB cost which we already show online, Usually is USD100/m2 for height under 3.2m, USD200 for height 4.5m, for example you want playground 200m2, the price will be around USD28,000 for two level and around USD40,000 for 3 level.

As you know the indoor playground equipment is customized, some elements are expensive, so this indoor playground price for reference only, the final indoor playground  price may have 30% up or down. So the final indoor playground price is having some difference.

Shipping cost, We can take care of shipping, just let we know which port. Trust me oversee shipping usually very cheap. To India only around USD600, to West of US cost around USD2200, to est of USA cost around USD3000, to middle of USA cost around USD4400. To Europe only cost around USD1,200-2,000 (quotation all for 40HQ)


Import duty, To US and Canada only 4%, to Europe around 11-22%, to India is 26%, around 40 countries is 11%. You can find exactly duty by HS950699,0000 (playground equipment)

The cost for indoor playground installation

Installation cost is depend on size of playground, usually wage cost around USD2,400 for 100-150sqmt, USD6,600 for 500-700sqmt, Of course you need take care air ticket, hotel and meal for our guys. Also the price is up different country import tax and some transportation difference due to the covid-19, the shipping price is rising up so much.

For more information on cost please send us email or add us on whatsapp. We are offering free design,after our clients confirm the design, then we will give you the best indoor playground price for you.

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