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Can you remember back to your childhood days on the playground? You probably recall playing on slides, climbing on things, jumping on the trampoline park supplier and just letting loose without a care in the world. Many of today’s playgrounds offer the same fun with some added bonuses. This post contains an impressive list of the coolest playgrounds from around the world. Who knows, after reading through you might just decide to take a trip to one and relive your childhood all over again!

  1. Playtower, Playground, and Labyrinth at Swarovski Kristallwelten

Location: Tirol, Austria


The top of the coolest world playgrounds, Swarovski Kristallwelten is located in Tirol, Austria and has a wide variety of play experiences scattered throughout four levels of the center. The playground includes a tower, an indoor play area, and a labyrinth,  all designed by the architecture firm, Snøhetta. The ground surfaces are child safe and made of non-slip rubber material, which prevents common injuries. The playground itself sits within Swarovski Kristallwelten Wattens Museum, where it is one of the main attractions.


  1. Parque Gulliver

Location: Valencia, Spain



Parque Gulliver was inspired by Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, an 18th Century novel. The playground is modeled as a large sculpture of  Gulliver himself, depicting a scene in which the character is tied down by an army of tiny people, called the Lilliputians. The design allows for many rounded edges that are great for climbing and sliding and turns all its visitors into Gulliver’s little captors! The park opened in 1990, and draws crowds of all ages to this day.


  1. Neptune Park

Location: Saratoga Springs, Utah


Neptune Park features a massive 30-foot pyramid that sits in the middle of a large playground. Inside the pyramid, there are ropes and netting used for climbing and catching those who might slip. In addition to the central pyramid, there are swings, slides, and other everyday playground equipment scattered throughout.


  1. Belleville Park Playground

Location: Paris, France


Belleville Park incorporates steep hills, play towers, bridges, wooden climbing walls, and several wooden structures that children can play on. From the top of the structure, the Eiffel Tower can be seen in the distance. The park was designed by the architecture firm BASE, who wanted the park to resemble a pirate ship, flying carpet, and a medieval fortress.

  1. Blaxland Riverside Park Playground

Location: Sydney, Australia


Blaxland Riverside Park is self-proclaimed to be “the biggest and best playground in Sydney.” The playground covers seven acres near the Parramatta River. Blaxland features a multilevel treehouse, climbing obstacles, ziplines, bike trails, and over 170 water fountains. This massive play area sits within Sydney’s Olympic Park.

  1. Kids’ Castle

Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania


Kids’ Castle is a part of the 108-acre Central Park in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The castle is eight stories high and almost entirely made of wood. The park is open 7 days a week from dawn till dusk and is free to the public. Kids’ Castle was made possible through a volunteer effort to bring more swings, slides, and play places to the community.


  1. Teardrop Park

Location: New York City, New York


Teardrop Park was designed by landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh and is located in Battery Park City, New York. The park contains a large slide, sandboxes, water features, rocky climbing areas, and a large piece of artwork called the “Ice Wall.” The Battery Park City Park Conservancy also holds events for children every Wednesdays, which are particularly popular!


  1. Nishi Rokugo Koen (Tire Park)

Location: Tokyo, Japan


Nishi Rokugo Koen (Tire Park) is a playground that is found right outside of Tokyo, Japan where everything within the park is made of tires in some form. Sitting in the middle of the park is a large Godzilla dinosaur, as well as a robot and spaceship. Over 3,000 tires were used to construct the park and its features.

  1. Zorlu Center Playground

Location: Istanbul, Turkey



The Zorlu Center is a large playground divided into zones that represent “special worlds.” The park was designed for children and adults, where anyone can find amusement from its features. The playground contains trampolines, climbing nets, hammocks, and a number of slides. In addition, the park has high walls, low valleys, hills, water features, and towers, to give its visitors a sense of adventure and exploration.


  1. Woods of Net

Location: Hakone, Japan

Last but certainly not the least amazing of the world’s coolest playgrounds, we have Woods of Net. This playground was designed by artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam who knitted the interior rainbow netting by hand and by Tezuka Architects who designed the exterior wooden structure. This playground is also an open-air museum and the first one of its kind to open in Japan. The outer structure uses no metal fasteners and relies entirely on the weight of the timber beams to hold it in place.

Indoor Play Equipment


What you need to know about and how to start an indoor play centre but most importantly, how to run an indoor play equipment centre using our indoor play equipment services.

indoor playground supplier

We are the company you turn to when trust, quality and knowledge matters for your new kids indoor play equipment.

Do you need help starting an indoor play equipment centre and want to know how to? Don’t worry, we have helped many customers start and run extremely successful indoor play equipment centre’s with all types of budgets and expectations.

Below are some of our top ten professional advise we can show you in what you need to know about starting an indoor soft play equipment centre. If you need any more help then please don’t hesitate to contact us today to assist you further.

Before you begin reading our advise on how to start an indoor play equipment centre, please take the time to view this you tube video which runs for approximately 9 minutes about a UK lady who owns and runs an extremely successful indoor play centre who may help you in your business adventure.

The video above is a good insight on how successful you can be using indoor play equipment to service kids but also understanding that the play equipment itself is about 50% of the service in running a play centre. Good coffee, good service and great meals are what draws the parents back time after time. Also, cleanliness of the play centre’s is a must do role to ensure parents feel safe having their children on your play equipment.


The size of an indoor play equipment centre would depend on your target market. If you are only targeting toddlers age from 0 to 5yrs the factory could then be quite small, lets say around 400 m2. If they are looking at an all ages type of indoor play equipment centre then you would need to have a play factory of minimum 650m2 but should be more like 700 to 800m2. Anything around 1000m2 would be considered on the larger play equipment scale. The height of the play factory is a very important factor. A high three lane slide will require around 6 metre’s in height, so this should be the minimum for a multi age play centre going up to 7m to 10m high. A toddler only play equipment centre could be as low as 4m up to 6m.


It is very difficult to give an accurate budget for an indoor play equipment centre. Before a suitable building is secured, design and layout can alter the costs. To give an idea of budgeting I would consider a budget of around $500 per square metre for the total cost of the indoor play equipment centre. This would vary greatly on the fit out of each building accurate quotes can be obtained however, the building layout must be provided and access given to do accurate measurements. Use our current catalogue and price list to get an idea of and indoor play equipment size versus cost. Note we are responsible for the indoor play equipment section only, therefore the kitchen, cafe, party rooms, toilets, air conditioning would need to be quoted by the relative industry experts.


 General rule of thumb is .03 car parks per m2 of factory floor space for the indoor play centre however, all councils are different. The council should be a first port of call when considering a location and building for a new play equipment centre.

COUNCIL APPROVALS (what you need)

All councils are different. The council should be a first port of call when considering a location and building for a new indoor play equipment centre.


Food should be a cafe style meaning light but good quality meals foccasias, toasted sandwiches, hot chips, etc. Coffee is very important in an indoor play equipment centre must be top quality. Meals should be not too expensive but still good in quality and presentation.


Generally staff are quite young with the owner or manager running the play centre. Staff should be polite and work well with kids. They should have working with children cards and have food handling skills. It is very important that your indoor play equipment centre is very clean at all times. Parents will not return to a play centre if they have a bad experience with cleanliness.


Location does not need to be road frontage and can be off the main road, your cliental will most likely live within a 10km radius of the play equipment centre. Generally lower economic growing areas are better as there are a higher ratio of children per person in these areas. The toddler market is mostly live at home mothers groups your environment must be a chance for mothers to get together regularly and feel safe that their toddlers are in viewing distance as they can sit down with their friends for a chat and laugh in a friendly relaxing environment. If they enjoy there stay at your play equipment centre and feel that their children are safe then they will come back time after time at least once a week becoming a good source of a steady income.


Make good use of space. Understand that the cafe is a good money maker and be sure to have enough seating area relative to your space around 25 to 30%. The toddler area should be directly beside the cafe seating area for mothers to sit and keep an eye on their toddlers at all times. The area should be easily viewed. The older kids area and party play equipment rooms should be towards the rear of the building so as to keep them separate from the younger ones.


In summary of the above comments in order to run an indoor play centre and financially do well here are the main 10 key points you need to know.

  1. Choose some great looking indoor play equipment that is suited for your area both suburb and warehouse size and usability.
  2. Choose play equipment that can be easily cleaned by you or your staff. We have seen many companies supply indoor play equipment that is full of spiral tubes, hard to get to areas so when kids dirty the tubes or the entire play equipment needs a clean then it can be a nightmare to get into tight areas.
  3. Choose a design where the parents can easily see their children in almost 90% of the play equipment design. That way the parents can sit back and relax and have their kids in eye sight at most times.
  4. Be cautious of your entry and exit areas. Always have theses points right where the parents will be sitting and talking to other friends for security reasons.
  5. Let us design the indoor play equipment for you. We are Australia’s most knowledgeable company in the industry and will ensure you get the best value for money.
  6. Make great coffee. This is a must have, Parents need to enjoy their stay. If the parents are happy then they will come back time after time.
  7. Have a small but tasty selection of food for the parents. The parents can be tired and use your indoor play centre as a refuge to relax and chat to friends. Make it a happy relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Promote parties, parties can be your bread winner. A dozen kids can come in for only an hour or two. Whip up some easy sausage rolls, party pies, etc and charge per head. Its easy money and great fun.
  9. What’s the latest craze at the moment with kids? Why not incorporate themeing in your play equipment designs. We have recently completed a massive indoor job where included karaoke rooms with singing and disco lights. The kids love it and the owners are making a lot of money.
  10. Be nice and friendly. No one likes a grumpy host. If you are happy, friendly and social then this reflects on your business. You could also make a lot of great friends and build a community of trust and happiness. People talk and word of mouth could be your greatest advertising!

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