Quick-Start Guide for Indoor Playground Equipment | Comprehensive Setup Instructions

Welcome to our comprehensive Quick-Start Guide for setting up indoor playground equipment! In our spacious 200m x 150m x 7m facility, we’ve curated a diverse range of play equipment to cater to children aged 3-12. This guide is designed to help you make the most out of your indoor play area, ensuring safe and exhilarating play experiences for kids.

Table of Contents:

  1. Layout Planning
    • 1.1. Age Segmentation Zones
    • 1.2. Traffic Flow Considerations
  2. Safety Measures
    • 2.1. Soft Flooring
    • 2.2. Padding and Cushioning
    • 2.3. Regular Inspections
  3. Installation Guidelines
    • 3.1. Anchoring Systems
    • 3.2. Weight Distribution
    • 3.3. Securing Loose Components
  4. Equipment Maintenance
    • 4.1. Cleaning and Sanitization
    • 4.2. Lubrication of Moving Parts
    • 4.3. Periodic Inspections
  5. Themed Play Zones
    • 5.1. Adventure Zone
    • 5.2. Creative Corner
    • 5.3. Sports Arena
  6. Interactive Features
    • 6.1. Sensory Play Elements
    • 6.2. Climbing Structures
    • 6.3. Ball Pits
  7. Staff Training
    • 7.1. Safety Briefings
    • 7.2. Emergency Protocols
    • 7.3. Customer Service Skills
  8. Promoting Your Playground
    • 8.1. Engaging Marketing Strategies
    • 8.2. Seasonal Events and Promotions
    • 8.3. Social Media Presence

Layout Planning

1.1 Age Segmentation Zones

Divide the play area into distinct zones catering to different age groups (3-5, 6-8, and 9-12). Ensure each zone is equipped with age-appropriate play equipment and challenges.

1.2 Traffic Flow Considerations

Optimize the layout to allow for smooth traffic flow. Avoid congested areas and provide ample space for supervision and interaction.

Safety Measures

2.1 Soft Flooring

Utilize high-quality, shock-absorbing flooring materials to cushion falls and reduce impact.

2.2 Padding and Cushioning

Install protective padding around corners and edges of equipment to prevent injuries during play.

2.3 Regular Inspections

Conduct routine checks to identify and rectify any potential safety hazards promptly.

Installation Guidelines

3.1 Anchoring Systems

Ensure all equipment is securely anchored to the ground to prevent tipping or movement during use.

3.2 Weight Distribution

Properly distribute weight across the play equipment to maintain stability.

3.3 Securing Loose Components

Regularly inspect and tighten any loose bolts, nuts, or fasteners to keep equipment safe and stable.

Equipment Maintenance

4.1 Cleaning and Sanitization

Regularly clean and sanitize all equipment to maintain a hygienic play environment.

4.2 Lubrication of Moving Parts

Apply appropriate lubricants to moving parts to ensure smooth operation and longevity.

4.3 Periodic Inspections

Schedule routine inspections to identify and address any maintenance or repair needs promptly.

Themed Play Zones

5.1 Adventure Zone

Designate an area for adventurous play with climbing structures, slides, and obstacles. Ensure there’s adequate space for kids to explore and challenge themselves.

5.2 Creative Corner

Set up an imaginative play space with arts and crafts stations, building blocks, and interactive play panels to stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills.

5.3 Sports Arena

Allocate an area for physical activities like basketball, soccer, or mini-golf. Provide age-appropriate sports equipment and designate clear boundaries for safe play.

Interactive Features

6.1 Sensory Play Elements

Incorporate sensory-rich elements like tactile walls, sensory tables, and interactive light displays to engage children’s senses and promote cognitive development.

6.2 Climbing Structures

Include safe and stimulating climbing structures that encourage physical activity, coordination, and motor skill development.

6.3 Ball Pits

Integrate a ball pit area with soft, cushioned surfaces for children to enjoy active play while improving balance and coordination.

Staff Training

7.1 Safety Briefings

Train staff members on safety protocols, emergency procedures, and how to respond to various situations to ensure a secure play environment.

7.2 Emergency Protocols

Establish clear guidelines for handling emergencies, including first aid procedures, evacuation plans, and communication protocols.

7.3 Customer Service Skills

Provide training on effective communication, conflict resolution, and creating a welcoming atmosphere to enhance the overall customer experience.

Promoting Your Playground

8.1 Engaging Marketing Strategies

Implement a variety of marketing techniques, including online advertising, social media campaigns, and partnerships with local businesses to attract a diverse audience.

8.2 Seasonal Events and Promotions

Host seasonal events, holiday-themed activities, and special promotions to keep the play area fresh and exciting for visitors.

8.3 Social Media Presence

Maintain an active presence on popular social media platforms to share updates, engage with customers, and showcase the unique features of your indoor playground.

How to Start an Indoor Playground Equipment Business?

By following this Quick-Start Guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating a dynamic and safe indoor playground experience for children aged 3-12. Remember, the key to a successful indoor playground is continuous monitoring, maintenance, and a commitment to providing a fun, educational, and secure environment.

For any additional questions or specific advice tailored to your indoor playground setup, feel free to reach out to our expert team. We’re here to support you in creating a memorable play experience for every child who walks through your doors.



Before you begin, ensure you’ve cleared the designated area for the playground. Clean it thoroughly.
Refer to the installation diagram provided. It will have markings like A1, A2, B1, B2, etc., to guide the assembly process.
Step-by-step Guide:

Flooring First:

For a three-floor playground: Lay down the EVA mat on the floor before assembling the frame.
For a two-floor playground: Begin assembling the frame. Once the first floor is assembled, lift it and place the EVA mat underneath.
If you have been provided with a soft pad instead of an EVA mat, install this pad when working on the first-floor frame.
Setting up the Frame:

印度金奈安装图 三层 二层

Start assembling floor by floor. Begin with floor one, then floor two, and so on.
Initially focus on the vertical pipes. Each vertical pipe will come with a metal foot platform at the base.
Before assembling horizontal pipes, ensure all fasteners are fixed on the vertical pipes.
Most horizontal pipes are of size 117cm. Therefore, you don’t need to distinguish between, for instance, the one between A1 and A2 or A1 and B1. Just ensure they’re of the correct length.
Connecting Horizontal and Vertical Pipes:

Attach horizontal pipes to the vertical ones from the first floor using the fasteners prepared in step 2.
The installation diagram uses color-coding to differentiate fasteners. The same colors indicate identical fasteners. Ensure you match them correctly.
Installing Accessories:

Begin assembling additional features like slides, bridges, and tunnels.
Note: To save time, it’s recommended to install these accessories concurrently with the frame.
Finishing Touches:

Once all parts are in place, cover all iron pipes with PVC covers for safety and aesthetics.
Additional Equipment:

If you have other equipment like shooting games, ball washing machines, etc., that aren’t mentioned here, please refer to their specific manuals or reach out to us for guidance.
Warning: Properly following these instructions will ensure a swift and efficient setup. Should you face any complications, please contact your sales consultant for more detailed assistance.


Unleash the Fun at the Ultimate Indoor Playground and Trampoline Park

Are you tired of searching for the perfect venue to entertain your kids and engage in some family bonding? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art indoor playground and trampoline park offers endless fun and excitement for kids of all ages. With a wide range of activities, including tumbling lanes, dodgeball courts, and aerial silks, we provide a safe, clean, and action-packed environment for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to unleash the fun and create unforgettable memories at our amazing facility!

Tumbling Lanes:

Our tumbling lanes are perfect for budding gymnasts and energetic kids alike. With long stretches of trampolines, children can practice their flips, twists, and jumps, all while improving their coordination and balance. It’s not just for kids, though – adults can join in the fun too!

Kids Zone:

The Kids Zone is specially designed for our youngest visitors, providing a safe and age-appropriate area for them to explore, play, and make new friends. With a dedicated soft play area, mini trampoline, and climbing structures, it’s the perfect place for toddlers to burn off some energy.

Dodgeball and Basketball Courts:

Get ready for some friendly competition on our dodgeball and basketball courts. Put your agility, speed, and teamwork to the test in a thrilling game of dodgeball, or shoot some hoops with friends and family on our basketball court. It’s a great way to stay active while having a blast!

Ninja Course:

Unleash your inner ninja on our challenging and exciting ninja course. With a variety of obstacles to overcome, such as climbing walls, swinging ropes, and balance beams, you’ll be sure to test your strength, agility, and endurance in this adrenaline-pumping activity.

Aerial Silks and Battle Beam:

For those with a flair for the dramatic, our aerial silks and battle beam offer a unique and thrilling experience. Learn the art of aerial dance on our silks, or challenge a friend to a battle beam duel and see who can maintain their balance the longest.

Free Jump Foam Pits and Sky Coaster:

Whether you’re a daring acrobat or just looking for some free-flying fun, our free jump foam pits and sky coaster are perfect for you. Practice your flips, spins, and dives into the cushiony foam pits, or take a thrilling ride on our sky coaster, soaring high above the park.

Laser Tag and Jungle Gym:

Get your heart racing with a game of laser tag in our state-of-the-art arena. Work together as a team to outsmart your opponents and claim victory. Afterward, let your little explorers run wild in our jungle gym, complete with slides, tunnels, and climbing structures.

Ropes Course:

For those seeking adventure and a test of their skills, our ropes course offers a thrilling challenge. Traverse obstacles, balance on wobbly bridges, and climb to new heights as you conquer this adrenaline-pumping course.

Our indoor playground and trampoline park is the ultimate destination for family fun and entertainment. With a vast array of activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So gather your family and friends and come experience the excitement and adventure that awaits you at our amazing facility!

Start Your Own Indoor Playground Business in 11 Steps

Indoor playgrounds have become increasingly popular as parents seek safe, fun, and stimulating environments for their children to play in. If you’re considering starting an indoor playground business, follow these 11 steps to set yourself up for success.

  1. Conduct market research: Begin by researching your local market, including demographics, competition, and potential customer demand. Identify any gaps in the market that your indoor playground could fill.
  2. Create a business plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining your vision, goals, target market, competition, budget, and financial projections. This will serve as a roadmap for your business and can be useful when seeking financing or partners.
  3. Choose a location: Find a suitable location for your indoor playground, considering factors such as visibility, accessibility, parking, and the size of the space. Ensure the location complies with any zoning requirements and can accommodate your planned layout and equipment.
  4. Obtain permits and licenses: Research local regulations and obtain necessary permits and licenses, such as building permits, fire safety permits, and business licenses. Additionally, check if you need any special licenses to operate children’s amusement facilities in your area.
  5. Secure financing: Determine the capital needed to start your business, including costs for equipment, lease, renovations, and marketing. Explore financing options such as personal savings, loans, investors, or grants.
  6. Design your playground: Design an appealing, safe, and functional layout for your playground, incorporating age-appropriate equipment, play zones, and adequate seating for parents. Consider hiring a professional playground designer to assist with this process.
  7. Purchase equipment: Select high-quality, durable, and safe equipment for your indoor playground. Be sure to choose equipment that complies with safety standards and regulations, and consider including a mix of activities that cater to various age groups and interests.
  8. Hire and train staff: Recruit a team of friendly, qualified staff to manage and supervise the playground. Provide training in safety procedures, customer service, and child engagement to ensure a positive experience for your customers.
  9. Develop policies and procedures: Establish rules and guidelines for the playground, addressing topics such as safety, hygiene, admission, and membership. Clearly communicate these policies to staff and customers.
  10. Market your business: Create a marketing plan to promote your indoor playground and attract customers. Utilize a mix of online and offline marketing strategies, such as social media, local advertising, and partnerships with schools and community organizations.
  11. Plan a grand opening event: Organize a memorable grand opening event to generate buzz and showcase your playground to the community. Offer special promotions or activities to encourage families to attend and spread the word about your new business.


Starting an indoor playground business can be a rewarding venture, providing a valuable service to families in your community. By following these 11 steps, you can create a successful indoor playground that offers a safe, fun, and engaging environment for children to play, learn, and grow.

Why there has some many difference for indoor playground price?

Why there has some many difference for indoor playground price?

There can be significant price differences among indoor playground equipment due to several factors. These factors contribute to the overall cost and value of the equipment, and understanding them can help you make a more informed decision when purchasing. Some of the main factors affecting the price of indoor playground equipment are:

  1. Quality of materials: High-quality materials tend to be more expensive, but they also provide better durability, safety, and longevity. Lower-quality materials may result in a cheaper initial cost but could lead to more frequent repairs, replacements, or safety concerns.
  2. Design complexity: Customized and complex designs often require more materials, labor, and time to manufacture, resulting in a higher price. Simpler designs and standard, off-the-shelf products are usually more affordable.
  3. Size and capacity: Larger playgrounds with more play elements and capacity for more children will generally cost more than smaller playgrounds with fewer components.
  4. Customization: Tailor-made playgrounds designed to fit specific requirements or themes can be more expensive due to the additional design work, unique materials, and specialized manufacturing processes.
  5. Brand reputation: Well-known brands with established reputations for quality and safety may charge a premium for their products. In contrast, lesser-known or newer brands may offer lower prices to gain market share.
  6. Safety features and certifications: Equipment that meets international safety standards (such as ASTM or EN) and includes additional safety features (such as padding, rounded edges, and non-toxic materials) may be more expensive but offer greater peace of mind.
  7. Shipping and installation: The cost of shipping and installation can vary based on the distance between the manufacturer and your location, the size and weight of the equipment, and whether or not professional installation is required.
  8. After-sales support: Suppliers that offer comprehensive after-sales support, such as warranties, maintenance services, and customer assistance, may charge more for their products, but this can be beneficial in the long run.
  9. Local vs. imported equipment: Locally manufactured equipment may be less expensive due to lower shipping and import costs. However, imported equipment from countries with lower production costs can sometimes be more affordable, but quality and after-sales support can vary.

When comparing prices, it’s essential to consider these factors and balance your budget with your desired quality, safety, and design preferences. A higher price does not always guarantee better equipment, so thorough research and comparison are crucial in making the right decision for your indoor playground.

A ball blaster is a popular interactive play equipment commonly found in indoor playgrounds, family entertainment centers, and play areas. They provide a fun and engaging experience for kids by using air pressure to shoot soft foam balls through tubes or cannons. Here are some key features and considerations for incorporating a ball blaster system into an indoor playground


If you have a limited budget for your indoor playground project, there are several strategies you can employ to make the most of your resources while still creating a fun and engaging space. Here are some tips to help you maximize your budget:

  1. Prioritize key play elements: Focus on the most essential and popular play elements that appeal to your target age group. By prioritizing these components, you can create a functional and attractive playground without overspending.
  2. Start small and expand later: If your budget is tight, consider starting with a smaller, more affordable playground setup. As your business grows and generates revenue, you can reinvest the profits to expand and improve the playground over time.
  3. Opt for simple, modular designs: Simple and modular playground designs are generally more affordable and can be more easily adapted, expanded, or reconfigured as your needs and budget evolve.
  4. Research and compare suppliers: Spend time researching and comparing different suppliers and their offerings. Look for suppliers that provide good value for money, have positive customer reviews, and offer reasonable after-sales support.
  5. Consider used or refurbished equipment: Purchasing used or refurbished playground equipment can help you save a significant amount of money. However, ensure that the equipment is still in good condition, meets safety standards, and comes from a reputable source.
  6. Leverage discounts and promotions: Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts, promotions, or clearance sales from suppliers. You can also try negotiating with suppliers for better prices or additional services, such as free shipping or installation.
  7. DIY installation: If you have the necessary skills and tools, consider installing the playground equipment yourself or with the help of your team. This can save you money on professional installation fees. However, ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely to avoid potential accidents or liability issues.
  8. Collaborate with local partners: Partnering with local businesses, schools, or community organizations can help you share the costs of the playground project and increase its visibility and potential customer base.
  9. Apply for grants or funding: Research grants, low-interest loans, or other funding opportunities available for small businesses or community projects in your area. These financial resources can help offset the costs of your indoor playground project.
  10. Focus on marketing and customer experience: A limited budget may mean fewer play elements, but you can still make your playground stand out by providing excellent customer service, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and implementing effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

By carefully planning and implementing these strategies, you can make the most of your limited budget and create a successful indoor playground that provides enjoyment for children and generates revenue for your business.

A ball pool, also known as a ball pit or ball crawl, is a recreational area filled with small, colorful plastic balls. It is a popular attraction for children in indoor play centers, amusement parks, and family entertainment centers. Ball pools provide a fun and safe environment for kids to play, explore, and develop their gross motor skills, social interaction, and sensory perception. A typical ball pool consists of a padded, enclosed area filled with thousands of lightweight, hollow plastic balls, usually around 3 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter. The depth of the ball pool varies depending on the size and design of the area, but it is generally deep enough for children to immerse themselves in the balls, crawl, and play games with their peers. It is important to ensure that ball pools are regularly cleaned and sanitized to maintain a safe and healthy environment for children. This can be achieved by using antimicrobial ball washing machines or manual cleaning methods. Additionally, adult supervision is crucial to ensure the safety of children and prevent accidents while playing in a ball pool.

The 10 best tips to maintain the play structure of your indoor playground

Maintaining your indoor playground or trampoline park is crucial for your business success. If you keep a close eye on your play structures, you guarantee the safety of your customers. Moreover, materials last longer and you never miss out on unnecessary turnover because you have to temporarily close your park or part of it. But how can you best maintain a play structure? Below you’ll find ten maintenance tips for leisure entrepreneurs.

The 10 best tips to maintain the play structure of your indoor playground

  1. Create a planning

Well begun, is half done. Successfully maintaining your playground starts with making a planning. Identify which elements your park has at its disposal. Then map out what is needed daily, monthly and annually to maintain it. Once you know this, you can decide which activities you can carry out yourself, which you leave to your employees and which tasks you outsource to experts.

If your indoor playground is installed by Dream garden  Play, you will always receive a manual that describes how to maintain each element in detail.

  1. Check your indoor playground daily

Start your working day with a check-up round or have an involved and experienced employee do this. During such a daily check you check the condition of all playground equipment in the park. This prevents small defects from becoming costly repairs or having to replace complete elements. Are the nets still in one piece? Are the pipe covers still good? And, does the trampoline still have all its springs? If you have digital elements in your playground, such as ValoJump, it’s a good idea to test them at the beginning of each working day. In case of a malfunction, the producer can often do the job remotely.

  1. ….and monthly

Check the couplings of the play structures monthly. Most of them are concealed under the covering of elements and therefore visually hidden. Also check whether the walkways in the structures are complete and whether the nets are still installed correctly. Finally, check if the connections in the slides are correct and whether the hanging game elements are secured in such a way that there is no chance of finger entrapment. Check, check, double check!

  1. Invest in training & learn to make knots

Not every knot is the same. This is certainly true when it comes to maintaining your nets. Nets are one of the most vulnerable elements of an indoor playground or trampoline park. At the same time, they play a very important role in ensuring the safety of your visitors. Therefore, invest in specialist knowledge and learn the right knotting technique. Dream garden Play service staff will be happy to visit you for a demonstration on location.

  1. Dust-free is a good thing

Why should you make it difficult when thinks can be easy? For cleaning most playground equipment, a bucket with soapy water is all you need. Avoid expensive, chemical cleaners and go for a standard all-purpose cleaner from the supermarket. Use a wet cloth to regularly wipe off all areas of the elements you can reach. This is not only good for hygiene, but also looks neat.

  1. Let them slide

An exception to the above rule are crawlers and slides. You only need to clean these with a damp cloth (without cleaning agent) and dry them afterwards. Depending on the humidity at your location, you can then use a special silicone spray. Crawl tubes and slides in indoor playgrounds can become rough because of the high level of humidity in many of the halls. With the silicone spray – available at ELI Play Service – you can let all your visitors glide comfortably again.

Slide Dream garden  Play

  1. Act immediately in the event of damage

Is something broken in your playground equipment? Then act as quickly as possible. Make an assessment of the safety of your visitors and, if necessary, close off part of your play structure. Don’t wait too long with the repair, this will prevent an element from breaking further and possibly having to be replaced in its entirety. If you want to act fast, ELI Play is the place to be. Email pictures of the damage to our service department: an employee will make a repair proposal as soon as possible.

  1. Book an annual playground inspection

In addition to the daily and monthly check, it is advisable to have an inspection carried out by an expert at least once a year. During this thorough annual check that you can book with Dream garden Play Service, all playground equipment is checked. The mechanic then draws up a quotation for all major parts that need replacement and for the necessary repair work on, for example, nets, trampolines, pads and paddings.

  1. Refresh the ball pool with the ball tray cleaner

Cleaning the balls of your ballpool one by one is of course an impossible job. Save time and effort and make use of ELI Play ball pool cleaning. A service employee will then visit you with the special ball cleaning machine with which ELI Play has been successfully cleaning ball pools for more than twenty years. Have the balls freshened up at least four times a year and consider concluding a ball pool cleaning contract.

  1. Document your maintenance efforts

Last but not least, do not forget to keep a log of all checks, maintenance and repair work you perform or have performed. Every owner of an indoor playground or trampoline park is obliged to do so by law. Tip: also save the ELI Play service reports in the logbook. Should an incident ever occur in your park, it is so good for your liability that you can always prove that you have done everything possible to maintain your playing structure properly and professionally.

Would you like more advice on how to maintain your playground?

Dream garden  Play is happy to support you in maintaining or repairing your playground. Our service team is always there for you. Call us at +8613868643987 or send an e-mail to info@toymakerinchina.com.

Indoor playground materials

Playground materials

Below are a few examples of the differences between Indoor Playgrounds  play equipment from dream garden playground in china  and the
play equipment of other manufacturers that may not comply with these standards. It takes years of
experience in this industry to clearly understand these safety standards along with great investment in
both resources and efforts in order to truly implement them correctly in the design and manufacturing process.

Playground materials

Steel Pipes

  • The steel pipes we use are either 2.2mm or 2.5mm thick. These specifications will be written in the sales
    contract and can be verified by the customers when they receive our products.
  • Our steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized steel pipes where the whole pipe is immersed in a bath of molten zinc
    thus both the inside and outside of the pipes are protected from rusting for many years. In comparison,
    other companies might use a cheaper process such as “electroplated coatings”, such steel is not real
    galvanized steel and have a much weaker corrosion resistance.


  • Our proprietary clamps are made of galvanized steel, welded by automatic welding robots and are then
    powder-coated to add a thick and durable layer of protection to prevent from rusting. These clamps are
    stronger and more durable in comparison to iron clamps that may be used by other playground companies.

Safety Netting

  • Our safety netting is fire resistant and tightly knitted and certified to be used even in outdoor sports.
  • Our fire resistant anti-climb netting will be used on the first level of our playgrounds to prevent
    children from climbing on the outside of the structure.


  • Our vertical steel pipes come with a strong cast-iron footings which are bolted to concrete flooring to hold
    the pipes in a stable position. The pipes of some other suppliers might either simply sit on the floor, or
    might be installed in a plastic footing.

Foam Pipes and Zip Ties

  • Our foam pipe covers are 72″ thick with the diameter of the pipes being 3.34″. The PVC vinyl has a pure
    and bright color and is also UV-resistant making sure the pipes stay flexible and durable even when exposed
    in sunlight. The foam pipe covers of other companies might only be 7cm with the diameter of the pipes
    being only 3.1″ as well as having PVC vinyl that is not UV-resistant causing the colors to fade and the PVC
    vinyl itself to become fragile over time.
  • The zip ties used to tie the foam pipes to the steel pipes are made of high quality plastic, making it
    flexible yet still tough.
  • We use generously more zip ties to tie the foams onto the steel pipes, the space between our zip ties is 5″
    to 6″, in comparison with 9″ to 10″ of space of some other manufacturers.

Deck Boards

  • Our deck boards are over 2″ thick consisting of .7″ thick high quality plywood and 1.4″ thick high density
    foam. In comparison, the deck boards of some other manufacturers might be only around 1.2″.
  • Our deck boards are affixed to the pipe structures using powder coated brackets and screws.
  • Our deck boards are completely wrapped in foam and covered with the same PVC tarpaulin on the front, rear
    and sides, thus making sure the deck boards are soft on all sides. This provides the best protection and
    care for the children as well as giving the boards an aesthetically pleasing look. In comparison, some
    other manufacturers might attach foam on the front side only.

PVC Wrappings

  • The PVC tarpaulin used to wrap up our soft play equipment is heavy-duty 18oz industrial-grade PVC vinyl
    which is 0.2″ thick, strengthened by 1000D nylon weaving inside the coating, making it capable of
    withstanding many years of intense wear, yet still maintaining its soft touch.
  • With one of the widest range of colors available, we are able to make a big range of colorful playgrounds
    that will appeal to many different customers.


  • We use only high-density foam to make the paddings for all our soft play equipment thus our soft play
    equipment is capable of maintaining its shape for years under constant play. By comparison, some other
    manufacturers might use cheap low-density foam which is not capable of maintaining its shape even after only
    a few months.

Climb Ramps and Stairs

  • Our ramps and stairs have a layer of high density EVA foam similar to the materials used in making our EVA
    floor mats. This layer of high density EVA foam will enable the ramps and stairs to withstand the treading’s
    of the kids and yet still maintain its original shape for years to come.
  • The sides of the ramp are tied directly to the safety netting to make sure that there no gaps or spaces in
  • The area on the bottom side of the ramp will be surrounded by safety netting to prevent children’s access,
    but there will be a service entrance for the staff for maintenance purposes.

Rainbow Bridges

  • Our rainbow bridges features a much higher arc making it looks much nicer in comparison to companies which
    have a lower arc for their bridges.
  • With the availability of the widest range of colors of PVC tarpaulin, we can create very colorful
    bridges that can include all colors of the rainbow.

Punch Bags

  • Our punch bags are fully stuffed with foam and wrapped with our strong PVC tarpaulin making it bouncy and
    giving the punch bags a plump look.
  • They are attached to the structure using a steel harness which is very reliable and durable and also gives
    the ability to allow full range of rotation.
  • The steel harnesses is covered with soft padded PVC covers for the children’s safety in addition to also
    giving the enitre playground its upscale finish.
  • Our unique animal themed punch bags are also wrapped with our strong PVC tarpaulin, while the ears and arms
    of the animal themed punch bags are strengthened to extend playability.

Vertical and Horizontal Rollers

  • Our rollers are made of high-density foam which bounces back to its original shape after pressure is
    released. Children can tread and lay on it, yet it will still keep its shape for years.
  • The sides of our rollers are covered by soft padded PVC covers which protect the children from being hurt
    from touching the moving parts of the rollers, in accordance with the safety standards set by Europe
    (EN-1176) and USA (ASTM-1918).

Themed Elements: Canopy, Digital Print Soft Padded Boards, Themed Entrance,

Playground materials

  • Our digital prints are coated in a UV-resistant protective film, which will prevent the prints from fading
    in sunlight and to protect them from being scratched and worn by children.
  • Our themed elements are created by a graphic designers and are printed in high resolution formats,
    thus giving them a clear look both close-up and from a distance. .
  • The 3D windows and decorations are 3D in both the renderings and the real products as well.

Spiky Rollers and Spiky Balls

  • Our rollers and balls are stuffed with foam while the spikes are stuffed with high quality synthetic cotton
    used in stuffing plush toys. In comparison, many other supplies that might use scraps or saw dusts to stuff
    their rollers.

Elastic Forest

  • Our elastic forest obstacles are made of elastic materials on the ends making it easier and more
    challenging for children to climb and push their way through the obstacle.
  • All of our elastic forest obstacles are stuffed with high quality synthetic cotton similar to ones used as
    plush toy stuffing which keeps them plump and durable.

Ball Pools

  • The balls that we provide for our ball pools/pits are of the best quality and come in multiple bright and
    fun colors.
  • We place stairs at the entry area from outside and exit area from inside of the ball pool / pit. This will
    make it easier the kids to enter in and exit out of the ball pool.
  • In addtion to standard balls we also carry GermBlock balls which are proven to resist germs from children.

Webbing Deck and Webbing Bridges

  • The webbing decks and bridges are meant to be stepped on, jumped on and climbed on by the children and thus
    they have to be strong enough to bear the weight of children. Our webbing is manufactured using tightly
    knitted nylon which is the same materials that are used to make the seat belts in a car.
  • The stitching of the webbing is done using very strong nylon threads and is double stitched on all the
    joints of the webbing to ensure the webbing will stay strong for years to come.

Single Plank Bridge

  • The sides of our single plank bridges are made of webbing which have a mesh size of 2″. In comparison, the
    webbing of some other suppliers might have a mesh size of around 3-4″. The large mesh sizes poses a
    danger to children and is not in compliant with the safety standards set for indoor playgrounds.
  • Our webbing is installed using our unique Velcro designs which makes it easier to detached and reinstalled
    by the owners for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Webbing Crawl Tunnels

  • Besides the standard webbed crawl tunnels, we also have many other varieties that can
    add more excitement to the playground. We have a rocking web crawl tunnel that is suspended on big strong
    springs, thus causing it to rock when children crawl through it. In addition, we also have a swaying
    web crawl tunnel where the tunnel is suspended on 2 steel beams which causes it to sway left and right
    as the children crawl through it. Even though they might look the same as the static tunnels, you can be
    sure that they will be different.

Spider Climb Tower

  • The spider climb tower is one of the most eye-catching exciting climbing equipment in indoor playgrounds.
    Our spider climbing tower uses super strong elastic belts that are upholstered in PVC tarpaulin that
    children will climb through to get to the next level. These belts are built to last for many years.
  • We are constantly improving and renovating our products. An example would be the updated version of the
    spider climb tower that has combined the spider climb tower with a trampoline below and includes color
    changing LED lights.

Heavy duty pigmented rotomolded resin:

Playground materials

  • All major plastic components of our indoor playground are made of shatter-proof compounded resins that are
    usually found in outdoor playground only, and are produced with our own rotomolding machines. They are more
    resistant to impact, abrasion, and aging. The finished product also looks more glossy and smooth, and does
    not induce static.

Wave Slides

  • The wave slide is one of the most attractive and exciting play equipment in the indoor playgrounds which
    will attract not just many children, but also parents (or grandparents). Our wave slides are designed and
    built to be used by people of any size and meet all the safety standards of the world.
  • Our fiberglass wave slide is made of colored gel which is abrasion-resistant and highly durable. The wave
    slide gel will help to keep a brightly colored and glossy surface even after many years of usage.
  • The body of our fiberglass slides are almost twice as thick as the slides of some other companies.. As a
    result, our fiberglass slides are sturdier and more durable.
  • Our wave slides are built with railings on the sides to keep the children safely on their own slide chutes.
  • In compliance with the safety standards of USA ASTM and Europe’s EN, the sides of the slide structure are
    enclosed by anti-climb netting with small mesh to prevent children’s fingers from getting caught in the
    netting and also to prevent the kids from climbing up the slide.
  • We install a big and thick soft mat at the end of our long exit section.
  • The safety netting is also extended to surround the sides of the landing/exit area to prevent collision
    accidents between children who are exiting the slides and other children.

Spiral Tube Slides

  • Our spiral tube slides can comes with clear windows that are covered by a strong and clear lens made of the
    same materials used in manufacturing bullet-proof windows.
  • With the years of experience in manufacturing and installing indoor playgrounds, we are able to design and
    build spiral slides that are optimized to ensure a smooth sliding experience for the children.
  • In compliance with the safety standards of USA ASTM and Europe’s EN, the landing/exit area of the slides are
    surrounded by safety netting to prevent collision accidents between the children who are exiting the slides
    and the other children.

Plastic Tubes

  • Our plastic tubes such as those used in the crawling tubes may have a clear window covered by lens which are
    made of the same materials used in manufacturing bullet-proof windows. This will enable parents to see into
    these crawling tubes to keep an eye on their children.

Installation Brackets and Components for Slides

  • Over our 12 years of experience in manufacturing and installing playgrounds, we have developed numerous
    types of proprietary mounting brackets to ensure that the slides are fixed securely to the structure.
  • Self-locking nuts and bolts are used in the slide installation and also in other play equipment that are
    subjected to frequent vibration or movement to ensure that the play equipment is safe for the children
    to play.


  • Our commercial-grade trampolines are built with strong metal structures and specially strengthened metal
    components such as the tailor-made springs. These structure and components will ensure that the trampoline
    will be sturdy and durable.
  • The trampoline cloth used in our trampolines is thick and made of high quality fabric that is made
    specifically for trampolines. Nylon webbing is stitched on all sides of the trampoline cloth using
    strong nylon threads to ensure the durability of our trampoline cloths.


Playground materials

  • Our interlocking foam mats are commercial-grade and made of high-density anti-fatigue EVA that will stay in
    shape even after years of intense usage in commercial playgrounds.
  • For the toddler area, soft play mats are usually used instead of EVA mats. Our soft play mats are similar to
    the deck boards used on our play structure only softer. The soft play mats have a plywood base and the foam
    used is the 45D high-density soft foam and completely upholstered with our high quality PVC vinyl. The high
    density foam will maintain its shape after years of usage and will provide better protection to the smaller

How to determin a good trampoline park design?

For  Family entertainment center, the trampoline park is really important.As we all know, a good trampoline park design has some key element. All the elements to be successful in trampoline park business follow these rules.

Check the whole layout for trampoline park site, is it covered all range for kids and adult. As we all know, the trampoline park is not only for kids also for adults. So the age arrangement need to be operated divide into different group so they can play separately.

Does your trampoline park has climbing area for your famliy entertainment center? This is very important to combine with the different play items inside your trampoline park site. It will increase the fun of playing. In case the case will get bored after a while.

The trampoline park also need a toddler area for smaller kids. This is very important for particular group of people. They bring their own baby coming to park to play, they also have the place to stay and play safe.

The trampoline park also need a major course. Obstacle warrior and indoor soft play structure. This kind of game can bring more Publicity the site. It’s very important you get a lot of traffic from this part of the game.


trampoline park with different indoor play structure.

Trampoline park equipment with Ninjia course

Dream garden playground are making all kind of trampoline park equipment with ninjia course and all kind of related equipment for FEC.

Here is some our trampoline park design for our clients to check,Welcome to contact us for more details at toymakerinchina.com

Compared with the traditional indoor soft playground, the new trampoline park equipment  uses a more gorgeous decorative panel design, the production process is more complicated, and the artistic technique of hollowing and multi-level stacking is adopted to make the overall design appear more high-end.

Product Parameters:

Product name Trampoline park and ninjia course
Customized 1.Type; 2.Size; 3.Color; 4.Play activities
Age range 2 to 15 years old
Main Materials 1) Plastic parts: imported LLDPE from Korea; Rotational mold, anti-UV, anti-static, anti-crack. Food grade plastic.
2) Post: galvanized pipe with PVC foam coated; diameter:48mm; thickness is 1.5mm
3) Soft parts: innermost: wood; middle: EPE foam; outmost: PVC cover.
4) Mat: EVA, different sizes and colors for your selection
Packing Packed with cotton and plastic film, carton.
Installation Professional 3D instruction, installation teaching video, assembly procedure and project case will be provide by us.
Components Plastic Slide, galvanized steel pipe, EPE Foam, Wood board, EVA Mat, etc.
Advantages 1) Professional desiger team will design for you freely
2) Anti-static,Anti-skid and Anti-crack.
3) We have over 3000 project case all over the world
4) All material produced will not add any recycling of plastic.
Apply to Amusement park, Garden, Shopping mall, Hotel, Commercial center, Playhouse, Pre-school, kindergarten ect.
Remark We can design as per your requirement.
Please send us CAD plan of your play area and choose your favorite theme. Our designer will draw a design for you.

Material for Kids Indoor Playground | Indoor Playground Material

How Dream garden Playground Make For Your Kids Play Center/Indoor Playground?

Production Process:

Engineering department make installtion diagram to Installation Department. Then we start install at factory with this best indoor playground metal frame. Design Department make indoor playground components list to Producing Department. Quality Inspection Department follow the order and inspection before packing Delivery Department. recheck the list and loading.

1, Steel Fastener (steel one anti-rust) (Extra 8%-10% for spare) A, (All screw must already set up,with 10% extra screw)
2, Vertical pipe (Hot galvanizing anti-rust Dia48mm Pipe with 2.5mm wall thickness)(Extra 4-7 pipe for spare)
A, Must mark height of each pipe on installation diagram, must mark pipe number on two position(On 0.5m from bottom to top &top to bottom
B, All fastener must put on right postion and fixed directly on pipe (height equal with installation diagram)
C, Must packing by pipe number (A1,A2,A3..same serial number) (B1,B2,B3same serial number)…
D, All bend pipe must be test and trail install before packing.

3, Horizontal pipe

(Galvanizing Dia48mm Pipe with 2.5mm wall thickness)
A, Installation diagram will show exactly which fastener on Horizontal pipe
B, Any size which is not 117cm must marked on installation diagram.
C, All pipe must cut according to installation diagram and packing by different length
D, All bend pipe must be test and trail install before packing
E, Pipe for spider towerand donut slide etc. must do trial install
G, Pipe for support tube slide and other cubes must packing together

4, Plastic parts

(Made by Plastic poder from Hyundai with wall thickness over 5mm)
A. Must do trial installation and take photo. place on riaht postion for inpect the size and aap. If anv tube with slope must assemble soft pad on Fo vertical assembled tube must check if horizontal with platfoam, Add soft platform under it make sure in a line with platform.
B, Tube and other plastic slide must do trail install, So can make sure exit on right postion not blocked by any vertical pipe&passageway. (metalsupport should test and packing), Need mark from top to bottom by code S1, S2, S3..)
C, Helicopter, Square cube, train head, and all plastic parts with hard bottom need soft pad for protect.
D, Space Capsule, Helicopter, watchtower and all plastic parts which stretch out structures should have metal for support.
E, Any Plastic need open window or glass, the window should be assembled before packing, connecting ring should be assembled on.
F,Screw on right length, must be packing with 10% extra for spare.
G,Must have soft cover if no pannel on plastic entrance, Single slide over 140cm need soft platform under it (height adjust according to story height).

05,Fiber Glass parts

(We suggest using heavy duty slide)
A, Must do trial install to test height for entrance of slide, adust the height of platform in a line.
B,Must do trial install o measure the exactly length,make sure have soft pad for landing (Pad made by 2cm wooden+ 2cm foam+4cm
C, Inspecter must check color, workmanship, the cut open for support on pipe.。
D,Other fiber glass decration parts like tiger head,dragon head,monkey head must assemble pannelon and do support under it.

06, Woven parts

(Including platorm, Single plank bridge, Chain bridge, tunnel… all party which using woven material)
A, Woven platform must do surround pipe (only under bridge which kids not actually walk on do assemble by rebar and metal ring)PS: Chain bridge,cable bridge and other big hole bridge need extra woven platform under it.
B, For woven platform can not share one horizontal pipe, must do split- level with clean height 10cm+(woven platform assemble by rebar and come around can share same pipe)

C, Woven platform larger than one grid now allowed pipe go throught, pipe must be 30cm under. D, Chain bridge,vaulting horse,any obstacle related with rop check how to link as below diagram.
E, Must have soft pad to cover joint (on passage way and woven on horizontal pipe)
F, Tunnel using support from top by swing arm so can sway,Do not take support from bottom by half-expansion fork.

G, Any woven parts with irregularity shape need do trial assemble before packing.

07, Foam cover, Ribbon & Security net

Producing Department:
Platform cut round corner. (standard size 122x122x5cm)
2.0cm Environmental plywood(not the red one)+2cm foam+1cm sponge +1000D matt 0.55mmPVC+500D Shining 0.35 PVC on Bottom
A, Platform fixed with screw by four fastener.
B, Multilayer 2.0cm playwood is double crush resistance than the Red 1.5cm plywood
C.The 1cm sponge make the platform soft and excellent touch.
D,1000D PVC Fire-proof, This material with high strength of extension & Anti scrach. Matt make it Non-slip.
E,Irregular platform, Big platform, Triangle platform, transparent platform must trial install for inspection.(Using 10mm thickness Acrylic for 60×60 and 15mm Acrylic for big transparent platform
4, Soft Horizontal & Vertical obstacle which can rotation like water wheel, spin stool, swivel maze..
A, The height must be adjust by each order,for example vertical water wheel hight is level height-25 cm on level one and level height-15cm on other
B,Also need pay attention to the size,Single obstacle per row make size Dia 40cm, double obstacle in same row make size Dia 20cm
C, Horizontal obstacle must assemble metal sheet on both side(standard length 107cm)
D, Vertical obstacle must add bearing (bearing and support pipe must packing together)5, Rainbow stair, Animal climbing stair, Rainbow arch bridge
Metal pipe should be assembled, Using 1000D matt PVC, Standard length as below.
Level 1 to level 2:
Story height:125cm,L= 261cm. Story height:135cm,L= 265cm. Story height:140cm, L= 268cm. Story height:150cm,L=272cm. Story Story height:170cm or more than 180cm,L=277cm(because need add starting platform)
Above level 2:
Story height:125cm,L=265.Height:130cm,L=267. Height:135cm, L=270. Height:140cm,L=272. Height:150cm,L=277. Height:160cm, Above stair and bridge must incluing one PVC rim with Button- holing (incase any fall of kids)1, Decoration Board, Door, Spider hole, Windows (Must match exactly, lessthan 4mm gap) Need foam and sponge on both side

A, Must have Blank pressing if open for transparent purpose or simulate windows
B, The wide standard is 114cm, Over ground floor the height standard is clean level hight-8cm (for example clean height 140cm, window height 132cm, On ground level is clean height – 18cm)
2, Ball pit fence and other soft party with thickness Ball pit have 20cm thickness, for height over 60cm fence need and transparent parts at middle.

A, Must install from top to bottom by screw (mean the board on surface equal the maximum width), can not hold the surface board by clamp,using extra wooden support from inside .

B, Surface which kids possible to touch must cover with foam and sponge. C, Snap joint can not be see from outside and assembled in a line.
D, Fence over 3 pcs,before packing must marked with number as 01-02,02-03,03-04.…

3, Soft play set, two& three step stair, bench, soft obstacle… Stair using 1000D matt PVC, Soft play set and obastcle using Matt PU
A, Must install from top to bottom by screw, can not hold the surface board by clamp,using extra wooden support from inside B, Surface which kids possible to touch must cover with foam and sponge.
C, Any attachment on surface like climbing rock, holder must add gastet(Dia 3cm) and double deck nut

6, Ball for palm tree, Stab hanging seat, spiked bag, hanging balls for zipline
A, Above metioned product are using high frequency, and directly take the weight of kids or have bulge parts.
B, Using microfiber leather, reinforced zipper
C, Using Dia 16mm cable rope replace metal chain

7,Vertical obastacle&horizontal obastacle (obstacle which not movable)
A, Vertical board obstacle fixed by three pcs of long arm fastener
B,Verticla triangle obstacle fixed by two pcs of bothway long arm fastener, Screw must be embedded (installer must twist the screw out before
C,Horizontal obastcle which need fixed on platform have to embeded screw(installer must drill holes on platform for screw go through)

8, Cross obstacle, Punching bag, all kinds of hanging obstcle and rope.
A, Using elasic string or cable rope for connect. need tie knot on both side before fixed on pipe
B,Any metal fastener must not be see, if have to using bulge connector, must be cover by special made PVC.

9, Handrail for slide, doors for slide
A, For fiber glass slide on level one need made soft handrail
B,Roller slide and donut slide also need make soft handrail, must make sure the handrail match the length of slide.
C, From platfoam of slide to top with clean height over 100cm must have a door to protect kids walk to slide (only allowed kidscrouch and then slide
10, Pad for slide (10cm and 6cm pad for differnt use)
A, Made by wooden 18mm board+4cm foam and 4cm sponge, if slide land on platform not on ground then made by 18mm board+2cm foam+2cm
B, S-tube slide, roller slide, donut slide and all fiber glass slide need soft pad.
C, Must make extra platform if the exit of slide donot perfect touch on ground
11, Ball float machine, roller barrel and time travel merry go
Must make 20-30% bigger than standard size in China, because oversee kids more fat and tall.
12, Power-driven carousal
Need make a switch (for those which base no swivel)
1,Ball blaster area must surrounding with anti climbing net, at entrance and exit using PVC Curtain (so no balls can coming out)
2, For ball pit which inside play structures need do the same as ball blaster area
3. Pad for trampoline must pay attention to pipes, should have cut open avoid the pipe.
4. Pad for climbing wall need 10cm thickness and have hook at bottoom for hanging
5, Must be very careful to packing metal gate and cash counter, because the paint easy fall off
6, Shooting games need do test before shipping
7, Rainbow stair must have starting paltform if level height over 150cm
Statement on height of play structures.(The first level must be optimization on height in order to fully reflect the plavability) Special remarks to design department, Must double check the height of platform when select differnt slide, and must leave enough space on exit Make sure exit not block by any pipe or obastacle.