The Future of Family Entertainment Centers: Global Trends Shaping Indoor Playgrounds in the Next 5 Years

The family entertainment center (FEC) industry has come a long way from its traditional roots of simple arcade games and mini-golf courses. Today, indoor playgrounds and FECs boast state-of-the-art attractions that cater to various age groups and interests, creating unique experiences for the whole family. In this guest post, we explore the global trends that will shape the future of family entertainment centers in the next five years, focusing on the key aspects that are driving innovation in the world of indoor playgrounds.

  1. Emphasis on Experiential Entertainment The demand for experiential entertainment is on the rise, as families are seeking more engaging and immersive experiences. This trend will continue to shape FECs as they strive to offer innovative attractions such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive play zones that allow guests to become part of the adventure.
  2. Incorporation of Technology Technology is becoming an integral part of indoor playgrounds and FECs. With advances in virtual reality, haptic technology, and touch-screen interactivity, FECs will offer increasingly sophisticated gaming experiences. This trend will also extend to mobile apps that provide rewards, navigation, and scheduling features to enhance the overall customer experience.
  3. Focus on Inclusivity and Accessibility As the demand for inclusive entertainment grows, FECs will need to prioritize accessibility to accommodate a diverse range of guests. This will include designing spaces that cater to individuals with disabilities and sensory sensitivities, as well as providing attractions that appeal to various age groups, interests, and skill levels.
  4. Embracing Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness With growing awareness of environmental concerns, FECs will need to adopt sustainable practices to stay competitive. This may include using eco-friendly materials in construction, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and even incorporating educational elements about sustainability into attractions and activities.
  5. Themed Entertainment Experiences Themed entertainment is gaining traction in the FEC industry, as guests seek immersive experiences that transport them to different worlds. This trend will likely see the rise of more themed indoor playgrounds, incorporating popular franchises and unique concepts to create memorable family outings.
  6. Integration of Educational Elements Families are increasingly seeking activities that combine entertainment with learning. As a result, FECs will need to integrate educational components into their attractions, offering experiences that are both fun and informative. This could include interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops, and gamified learning experiences.
  7. Adapting to Changing Consumer Preferences As the global landscape evolves, FECs will need to be agile in adapting to changing consumer preferences. This could involve incorporating health and safety measures, offering flexible pricing options, and embracing new forms of entertainment to stay relevant and appealing to a diverse audience.
  8. The family entertainment center industry is rapidly evolving to cater to the changing needs and preferences of families. By embracing these global trends, indoor playgrounds and FECs will continue to innovate and offer unique experiences that delight and engage their guests. As we look to the future, it’s clear that the indoor playground industry will remain an exciting and dynamic sector, filled with endless opportunities for growth and success.

Why there has some many difference for indoor playground price?

Why there has some many difference for indoor playground price?

There can be significant price differences among indoor playground equipment due to several factors. These factors contribute to the overall cost and value of the equipment, and understanding them can help you make a more informed decision when purchasing. Some of the main factors affecting the price of indoor playground equipment are:

  1. Quality of materials: High-quality materials tend to be more expensive, but they also provide better durability, safety, and longevity. Lower-quality materials may result in a cheaper initial cost but could lead to more frequent repairs, replacements, or safety concerns.
  2. Design complexity: Customized and complex designs often require more materials, labor, and time to manufacture, resulting in a higher price. Simpler designs and standard, off-the-shelf products are usually more affordable.
  3. Size and capacity: Larger playgrounds with more play elements and capacity for more children will generally cost more than smaller playgrounds with fewer components.
  4. Customization: Tailor-made playgrounds designed to fit specific requirements or themes can be more expensive due to the additional design work, unique materials, and specialized manufacturing processes.
  5. Brand reputation: Well-known brands with established reputations for quality and safety may charge a premium for their products. In contrast, lesser-known or newer brands may offer lower prices to gain market share.
  6. Safety features and certifications: Equipment that meets international safety standards (such as ASTM or EN) and includes additional safety features (such as padding, rounded edges, and non-toxic materials) may be more expensive but offer greater peace of mind.
  7. Shipping and installation: The cost of shipping and installation can vary based on the distance between the manufacturer and your location, the size and weight of the equipment, and whether or not professional installation is required.
  8. After-sales support: Suppliers that offer comprehensive after-sales support, such as warranties, maintenance services, and customer assistance, may charge more for their products, but this can be beneficial in the long run.
  9. Local vs. imported equipment: Locally manufactured equipment may be less expensive due to lower shipping and import costs. However, imported equipment from countries with lower production costs can sometimes be more affordable, but quality and after-sales support can vary.

When comparing prices, it’s essential to consider these factors and balance your budget with your desired quality, safety, and design preferences. A higher price does not always guarantee better equipment, so thorough research and comparison are crucial in making the right decision for your indoor playground.

A ball blaster is a popular interactive play equipment commonly found in indoor playgrounds, family entertainment centers, and play areas. They provide a fun and engaging experience for kids by using air pressure to shoot soft foam balls through tubes or cannons. Here are some key features and considerations for incorporating a ball blaster system into an indoor playground


If you have a limited budget for your indoor playground project, there are several strategies you can employ to make the most of your resources while still creating a fun and engaging space. Here are some tips to help you maximize your budget:

  1. Prioritize key play elements: Focus on the most essential and popular play elements that appeal to your target age group. By prioritizing these components, you can create a functional and attractive playground without overspending.
  2. Start small and expand later: If your budget is tight, consider starting with a smaller, more affordable playground setup. As your business grows and generates revenue, you can reinvest the profits to expand and improve the playground over time.
  3. Opt for simple, modular designs: Simple and modular playground designs are generally more affordable and can be more easily adapted, expanded, or reconfigured as your needs and budget evolve.
  4. Research and compare suppliers: Spend time researching and comparing different suppliers and their offerings. Look for suppliers that provide good value for money, have positive customer reviews, and offer reasonable after-sales support.
  5. Consider used or refurbished equipment: Purchasing used or refurbished playground equipment can help you save a significant amount of money. However, ensure that the equipment is still in good condition, meets safety standards, and comes from a reputable source.
  6. Leverage discounts and promotions: Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts, promotions, or clearance sales from suppliers. You can also try negotiating with suppliers for better prices or additional services, such as free shipping or installation.
  7. DIY installation: If you have the necessary skills and tools, consider installing the playground equipment yourself or with the help of your team. This can save you money on professional installation fees. However, ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely to avoid potential accidents or liability issues.
  8. Collaborate with local partners: Partnering with local businesses, schools, or community organizations can help you share the costs of the playground project and increase its visibility and potential customer base.
  9. Apply for grants or funding: Research grants, low-interest loans, or other funding opportunities available for small businesses or community projects in your area. These financial resources can help offset the costs of your indoor playground project.
  10. Focus on marketing and customer experience: A limited budget may mean fewer play elements, but you can still make your playground stand out by providing excellent customer service, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and implementing effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

By carefully planning and implementing these strategies, you can make the most of your limited budget and create a successful indoor playground that provides enjoyment for children and generates revenue for your business.

A ball pool, also known as a ball pit or ball crawl, is a recreational area filled with small, colorful plastic balls. It is a popular attraction for children in indoor play centers, amusement parks, and family entertainment centers. Ball pools provide a fun and safe environment for kids to play, explore, and develop their gross motor skills, social interaction, and sensory perception. A typical ball pool consists of a padded, enclosed area filled with thousands of lightweight, hollow plastic balls, usually around 3 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter. The depth of the ball pool varies depending on the size and design of the area, but it is generally deep enough for children to immerse themselves in the balls, crawl, and play games with their peers. It is important to ensure that ball pools are regularly cleaned and sanitized to maintain a safe and healthy environment for children. This can be achieved by using antimicrobial ball washing machines or manual cleaning methods. Additionally, adult supervision is crucial to ensure the safety of children and prevent accidents while playing in a ball pool.

How To Start An Indoor Playground Business In 5 Steps?

Starting an indoor playground business can be an exciting venture, but it also requires careful planning and preparation. Here are 5 steps to help you get started:

indoor playground design

1.Conduct Market Research: Before starting any business, it’s essential to understand your market and competition. Research your local area to determine the demand for an indoor playground, identify your target audience, and determine what services and amenities your competitors offer.

2.Develop a Business Plan: A well-written business plan is essential to starting any successful business. Your plan should include details on your target audience, marketing and advertising strategies, pricing, and financial projections. It will serve as a roadmap for your business and help you secure funding if necessary.

3.Secure Funding: Starting an indoor playground business can be expensive, so it’s essential to secure funding. Consider seeking a small business loan, finding investors, or using personal savings. Your business plan can help you determine how much money you need to get started.

4.Choose a Location and Design: Your indoor playground’s location is crucial to its success. Look for a location with high visibility and easy access. You’ll also need to design your playground with safety and fun in mind. Consider hiring a professional designer to create a unique and engaging environment for children.

5.Obtain Permits and Licenses: Depending on your location, you may need permits and licenses to operate an indoor playground business. These can include a business license, health permit, and safety inspection. Be sure to research the requirements in your area and obtain all necessary permits before opening your business.

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How to Start an Indoor Playground Equipment Business?

The indoor playground equipment industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% through the next five years, with revenue in the current year expected to be over $1.5 billion in North America alone!
So, do you want to start an indoor playground equipment business and earn amazing profits? In this article, you’ll learn how to find your niche, what type of equipment is needed and where to get it, and how to get started.
You’ll also get to know about factors like choosing a location and pricing options. Read on for more information!

Why Indoor Playground Equipment Business has huge potential?

The world of play is changing. The rise of digital entertainment has led to a decline in outdoor playgrounds, but indoor playgrounds are on the rise!

Three main factors are contributing to this change:

– Kids stay indoors more because they have tablets, game consoles, and computers that keep them occupied for hours.

– The moms and dads are concerned for their kid’s safety as there is a risk of accidents involving playgrounds.

– In the modern era, parents prefer to send their kids to indoor play areas rather than sending them outside where they might get into trouble.

An indoor playground business could be a great way for a family to earn extra income and gain financial freedom. You’ll need to have a good location for your playground, find the right equipment, and hire your staff.

Once you start making profits, you can use them to repay your loan and expand your business by opening more locations in major cities.

Step # 1: Planning:

While many people may think that an indoor playground business is not as profitable or efficient, those with innovative ideas will succeed.

Your first step should be creating a budget and marketing plan to ensure you can cover your costs while still making enough profit for yourself- without investing too much time into the venture!

Being a business owner you first make a detailed plan about which type of indoor playground equipment business you want to install. Then you can order your custom color to the target customer and indoor playground manufacturers. This custom color will become your park color or tax identification number.

If the playground is providing fun, bright colors, children will wish to come back again and again. Similarly, parents will bring their kids to a place that makes their children physically active and provides their child care and social skills.

It’s also important to research competitors, so they don’t steal all of your market shares before starting up since this industry has been growing lately due largely to parents wanting more creative places for their kids (and themselves!).

Step # 2: Market Research:

The goal of market research may include:

  • · Number of children in the area.
  • · Average age of the children in the area?
  • · Whether there are already indoor playgrounds available in the area

You also need data on prices people are willing to spend or which businesses they want near them so that you know where best to position yourself when it comes time to open up your soft playground!

To do this kind of work effectively, though; not only does one have access to talking with current customers directly through surveys/interviews, but studying other similar companies’ sales records can provide insights invaluable towards identifying trends within each industry category (i.e., if certain products always generate more revenue than others).

Moreover, age Range affects every aspect of an Indoor Playground Equipment Business including size to types to services. Playgrounds are prepared for kids, usually where kids can play and have fun comfortably.

As no one can play around the day, therefore an appointment for two hours will be beneficial not only for kids but for parents (who have to pay for two hours).

So an Indoor Playground should cater to the needs of a toddler as well as adults to engage with plays for several hours.

Moreover, there are a few steps which will help to understand the market research, let’s make out them.

Local Population: firstly analyze the local population, this will help you to get potential information about the customers, children’s age, the number of kids, and a bit revenues. Because the highly populated area is beneficial because it is packed with all ages people and social classes. Further, with the help of schools and kindergartens records, you can get an idea about the population density.

Geographical Position: it is another point you should observe before starting a business. An area packed with a variety of shops, schools, and parks will help in decision and investment.

Competition Analysis: it is a crucial step that helps in making valuable strategies and pricing venues. Also, record the competitors and their equipment types to win the game.

Step # 3: Know Your Competitor:

· Your competition is not just one company, but many. More active competitors mean you are more active and energetic in your business.

This means that to stand out from them all, you need an interesting idea or product which will set your business apart and offer customers something exciting at a price they can afford – meaning it’s not only good for the budget-conscious consumer!

· Learn about what makes competitors successful, so when planning your business strategy, there are some tips based on this knowledge.

· Next, visit companies around the same size as yours who serve similar regions; explore their social networks looking at site traffic statistics, etc., then use these insights into how others operate before deciding where best place emphasis within our marketing mix.

It’s important to get the story straight across all platforms. A lot of content will be created over time, so building up a coherent stream of information will allow your potential customers to create lasting connections with you and your business.

· Visit competitors’ social media pages to understand their working model and methodology; look at what is popular or unpopular and why!

· Additionally, consider what your main competitors are charging for their products or services, which you can use as inspiration when creating yours.

For instance, indoor playgrounds in the USA charge around $4.5/visit for kids of age between 2 and 12, while adults and kids below 2 are free. Moreover, for “open play,” they charge around $11 to $13 depending on the weekdays and weekends.

Step # 4: Choose the Most Suitable Location:

The next thing you need to do is find a good location for your indoor playground. Before launching the playground business, you should consider the appropriate place and size of the place. Because opening an indoor park in a big city is more profitable than in small villages or towns.

A wide place for a playground and enough space for seating, bathrooms, and canteen should be your top priority. But this will cost you more as the place in the mid-city is premium. So rental rates should be in your knowledge. The best location in a place surrounded by a good neighborhood is the best. Because a convenient location is more valuable than crossing the busiest roads.

  • You should make sure that there are many people in the area; otherwise, customers won’t come to your business.
  • You’ll need to find an appropriate place that has parking facilities and can be accessible by public transportation easily. The ideal location will also have street traffic (vehicular) and foot traffic (pedestrian).
  • A good Indoor Playground Businesses near schools or community centers will make customers more inclined toward coming back again!
  • If you want to start an indoor playground in a shopping mall, note that some malls have restrictions on what kinds of activities are allowed on their premises.
  • You need to check whether the mall is suitable for an indoor playground or not.
  • Pay special attention to ceiling height. It would be great if it is higher than 2.8 cm.
  • This will allow you to put more attractive games and equipment inside the playground like magic slides and climbing.
  • Try to choose the space with fewer pillars. This will help to give extra space to add more equipment or large equipment.
  • Before signing any agreements with landlords, you should check out the premises very carefully.

Check whether they have good lighting and proper ventilation so that kids can enjoy their time there.

Step # 5: Determine Your Budget:

To start a successful indoor playground equipment business, you need to know how much money you have.

A lot depends on the specification (i.e., type and size) of equipment that is right for you. Obviously, it’s going to be more expensive if you want something elaborate or large-scale in your space, but sometimes having just one piece (stand-alone playground equipment) can also serve its purpose well too!

The price should match up with what YOU value because this will ultimately determine how long your company lasts out there – so take into consideration where did YOU get started before making any final decisions about which direction YOU go next?

You can divide the expenses into the following categories and make the final budget:

1. Total cost of the equipment: how much equipment you want to install in your indoor park.

2. A minimum 1-year rent for the place:  do you have enough money to bear the cost of rent at least for one year without considering the profit.

3. Employee salaries based on the number of hiring: you can determine the amount by dividing the amount by the number of hired employees. If you hire 10 employees you can offer them a handsome salary as compared 20 employees salary.

4. Decoration is another crucial step, do you have enough amount to make your playground beautiful and fanciful. Because children love decorated walls and equipment. A thrilling and enjoyable environment will surely keep the children physically active and entertained for a long time without getting bored.

Step # 6: Choose the Right Design and Equipment:

The next step is to choose the right design and find the best indoor playground equipment for your business. Children love physical activities and you should ensure it like trampoline parks, Ninja warriors, soft interactive games, bright interactive games, blocks, climbing structures, inflatable bouncers, swings, tunnels, etc.

For the design, you must consider the following tips:

· A big issue with playgrounds is where to put them. So, you need to consider the space while designing. A good indoor playground has a large space, high ceilings, and lots of seating (along with washroom, toy shop, and food areas) around the outside so that kids can socialize while they play on your new installation!

· Create an indoor playground design that makes families feel comfortable bringing other indoor playground members, including toddlers and indoor playground babies. Make indoor playground equipment accessible to children of all ages, including crawlers and younger toddlers. You can also design a toddler area for 0-3 years old and an inflatable area for 0–7 years old.

. Children love to find things curiously in their own way because kids’ vision is different from our vision. Therefore, you should keep small magics, peepholes, unexpected sounds, talking tunes, small gaps, and little surprises throughout the playground.

· Design indoor play equipment that lets children develop their indoor playground motor skills. Like a climbing, swing, jumping, etc. (equipment like soft climbing wall, strop, single-log bridge)

· When designing an indoor playground for kids, one should consider the color and theme. Bold primary colors like yellow or blue-green can stimulate a child’s imagination while remaining simple in design. On the other hand, a themed space would be perfect if you want your little ones to have fun with their imaginations, even more than just using stimulating colors! A themed space like Jungle, Candy, etc. ninja-themed indoor playground can also be incorporated that is more focused on elder kids and is much more challenging and thrilling.

· Consider the brand of your company while designing an indoor playground for kids. Keep consistent with colors and styles, or use them as inspiration in other aspects like logos on equipment to reinforce this message about who you are! Maybe think outside the box? For example – if owning a restaurant makes sense, why not create one that features all things related to food?

· You can add a Food and Drink corner along with a rest area for parents that will include relaxed seating with a washroom facility.

For choosing the right equipment, the most important thing you need is a climbing frame, but it’s also important to have stuff like foam mats, ball pools, and tunnels.

Some other important indoor playground equipment you can also choose:

If possible, you should buy new equipment instead of second-hand.

Used equipment could be damaged or unsuitable for use in a public area, so it may not suit your business. However, if you want to buy used equipment, ensure that it’s safe enough to use with small children.

Besides, you must ensure that you buy indoor playground equipment from a reliable manufacturer that ensures maximum quality and safety (compliance with local and international standards).

Moreover, the equipment should come with all the safety and quality certifications, a warranty, and excellent after-sales services.

Last but not least, ensure indoor play equipment is safe, sturdy, durable, and strong enough to withstand the weight of children on it without tipping over or breaking apart while playing on it or touching it.


Step # 7: Consider the Safety of the Indoor Playground:

The safety of the equipment and customer is among the critical aspect of the indoor playground equipment business.

There are a few safety tips that indoor playground owners should consider to attract more customers and generate higher revenue streams for their business:

· Select indoor playground equipment made from indoor playground materials that cannot be chewed and swallowed and indoor playground surfaces that will not chip and break if they fall on them.

You can ensure it by buying equipment from Reliable Indoor Playground Equipment suppliers that comply with local and international safety and quality standards like EU EN1176 and CE. You can ensure they use 100% non-toxic and harmless material for the equipment. Moreover, the small components of the equipment, like softballs, are kept with a diameter over 7 cm with double thickness to ensure they are non-swallow able, non-chewable, and breakable.

· Ensure indoor play equipment is up to indoor playground regulations and indoor playground standards (i.e., ASTM safety standard is for the USA, EN1176 is mainly for EU), so parents feel comfortable bringing indoor playground babies and indoor crawlers with them.

· Besides, the aforementioned safety standards, and certifications, one can also consider the following ones:

o ASTM F1918 for North America: Standard for safety and performance of soft contained play equipment.

o NFPA 701 for North America: This safety standard ensures the safety and quality of fabric and material used to make indoor playground equipment.

CPSIA for North America: Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act is a law of the US Government that restricts levels of hazardous materials in children’s products imported from abroad and those made in the US.

o UL 94 for North America: It is a test to determine the indoor playground equipment material’s relative flammability.

o REACH: It is a European Community (EC) safety regulation that issues safety certification for Non-Phthalates in Toys and Childcare Article.

o EN 71 for Europe: It specifies safety requirements for toys.

o AS3533.4.2-2013: It is indoor playgrounds Australian safety standard.

o CSA Z614-07(R2012): It is a standard developed by Canadian Standards Association (also known as “CSA Group”) that provides requirements for public-use play spaces and play equipment.

o ISO standard: is one of the most implemented and recognized international safety standards.

Step # 8: Acquire the Business Licenses:

It’s important to know what you need for a business license and permits before installing an indoor playground. Not only will this help with the legal aspects, but it can save money in other areas as well!

For the United States, you may require a Doing Business As (DBA) license and General Business License along with other permits for food handling, etc.

A few other necessities include registering your company name(s), getting liability insurance coverage from an appropriate provider (or self-insuring) depending on state laws),and making sure that any applicable taxes have been filed by filing yearly reports).

In some countries and states, you may also want certain equipment such as slides which require special licenses from the authorities.

Moreover, liability cost depends upon many important factors such as location, size, and scope of services you are offering. Therefore it should be thought that the activities which are not proving fruitful should be removed.

As insurance liability for houses and cars, so as the indoor playground Liability. Ensure to check out all reviews, and all options which are offered for your business.

The indoor playground franchise has many advantages under its belt for a business owner. Franchises lower the investment cost in a complex business model. Franchise offers a variety of benefits such as

  • Lease Negotiations
  • Discounts on food/beverages
  • Advertising
  • Design and Equipment
  • Discounts on Equipment
  • Territorial Protection
  • Market Research

Step # 9: Install your Playground Equipment:

Once everything is done, now it’s time to install your Indoor Playground equipment, along with all the other amnesties you have planned to include.

Ensure the installation process is done by professionals to ensure maximum safety and quality. You must make sure that the indoor play equipment is stable, balanced, and properly installed so indoor children can enjoy it without the risk of injury. And children will play confidently.

Wherefore, you can buy installation services from the supplier. However, clients are responsible for taking charge of salary (100-150 dollars/day, accommodation, local transportation, two-way ticket, and visa fee).

The best playground should teach the children experiences of upcoming life through different games competitions.

Step # 10: Hire the Staff and Training

Most people who start an indoor playground tend to hire one person first and then add more staff as the business picks up and brings in more revenue. You can find most of the staff from career websites that specialize in helping people find work.

If you need something specific (for example, someone trained in First Aid), you can post a Job Wanted ad on the internet and wait for responses. Once you have a good collection of staff members, it’s time to advertise your business.

It is simple to target customers and teaches children to play energetically. This is for those kids who want to play but hesitate to play because of a lack of proper knowledge or practice.

At this time staff members can do the job and take their older children and have fun with them in front of confused children. When a child, after observing the play, wants to play by themselves, then parents have to pay for their kids.

A group includes two or three employees who should have training in first-aid in case of emergency if the children get scuffles, scrapes, and bruises. Because a good business always has employees for every area such as a group professional staff that takes phone calls, some admission tickets, few answers the inquires, some oversee snack bar and canteen, few supervise events, equipment, and games, etc. This is the reason during the selection of staff try to choose the most professional person who can manage multiple tasks at once if the other employees are not available at the time.

Once you trained them, it is time to get more and more revenue and customers, because the right employees make the business successful and run in the rival race.

While hiring the staff, consider the given points:

  • Only hire well-experienced, and qualified staff for operations, maintenance, inspection, and overall management.
  • By being conducted regular training sessions,their skills can be improved.
  • As kids are hyperactive, careless, the staff should be specially trained to handle them. They must know how to provide first aid treatment, as well as emergency exit protocol.

Step # 11: Marketing and Advertisement:

Once your indoor playground is ready to launch for the general public, it would be best if you implemented your marketing strategy. This is also called affiliate marketing. If you invite nearby schools’ students to pay a free visit to your parks it will build trust. When these schools engage in different competitions, activities will obviously discuss your park obviously.

Marketing is the most important aspect of starting an indoor playground because if nobody knows that your business exists, no one will come and visit. You’ll need to create a good logo for promotional purposes and find appropriate marketing channels for your area.

It is the age of social media. Your business advertisement needs some clicks from you. Launch your business on Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These social media channels will boost up your indoor business’ awareness and customers along with advertisements. Here are some useful tips to follow.

It is the best way to get more and more customers because through membership cards we ensure the customers that they are special. Or some games are restricted to members only.

This will attract customers and be good for new business. Hire professionals for operating hours and operation procedures. This will help you to estimate the targeted customers or evaluation of exactly what you estimated.

  • Dispense leaflets near the surrounding area of indoor playgrounds.
  • Try to grab more customers during opening advertising via different social media channels.
  • Promote community networks through local radio and television channels.
  • Invite free visits of kindergarten and school students on free trials.

For example, indoor amusement parks usually have their Social Media Pages, such as Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc., so you can start advertising there.

Besides, you can also throw a grand opening party, launch a website and offer promotions and free tickets. You can also collaborate with schools and conduct kid-specific events for promotion. Don’t forget to offer free open-play offers and discount coupons.

Once you’ve started receiving responses from your marketing efforts, you should begin advertising your business on websites like Yelp or Google Places so that people can easily find you when searching online.

Step # 12: Maintain your Indoor Playground

After the successful start of your indoor playground business, you will now be getting many visitors daily. Regular usage of the equipment will cause damage and wear. Therefore, it is vital to maintain your facility and equipment to prevent any unforeseen event. Moreover, if the equipment and swings are not cleaned daily, they can become hazardous for the public.

Therefore, plan a schedule to clean the equipment, mean when they need disinfection machines’ cleaning or when they need sanitizing because proper disinfecting and sanitizing reduces the killer germs and kids’ illness. There is a difference between routine cleaning (on a daily base can be cleaned with soap, water, soft clothes, and soft brushes) and disinfecting cleaning means proper cleaning with disinfection machines.

For the maintenance, you can consider the following given points:

  • Conduct regular inspection of all the indoor playground equipment in your facility. Hire a professional team for this purpose, and get the problem fixed before it worst to prevent any accident or injury.
  • Ensure indoor playgrounds are dry and indoor playground floors are free of indoor playground dust, germs, and indoor playground stains.
  • Maintain indoor play equipment to ensure indoor playgrounds remain safe and sanitized for children to enjoy daily.
  • Install every safety equipment including fire-alarm, fire-extinguisher, first-aid box, power breakers, etc., to ensure maximum safety of both equipment and customers.
  • Further, first-aid boxes will be available every time, in case of any child got injured, your professional employees can ameliorate the damage. This will gratitude the parents.

A good playground should have modern Surfacing materials that can be used throughout the year for different purposes. The material should be durable, easy to maintain, and suitable to play on.

For this purpose, you can consider different options available in the market or in similar businesses. During material options, you should not forget the disabled children as well. It should encourage a balanced environment and avoid discrimination against disabled kids.

Install swing sets where wheelchairs can be adjusted and wheelchair-accessible gardens. These steps will remove the social stigma about disabled kids and encourage them to play and feel healthy!

Step # 13: Expanding your business:

Once you’ve started making a profit, you can start paying back your loan and use the extra money to expand your business. You should think of opening more indoor play areas if possible. You will need to have enough money for this, so do your research first.

After a while, you might want to move into other business segments such as childcare or movie theaters. As long as there is demand for it in the area, starting an indoor playground couldn’t be simpler!

Some other points you can also consider for expansion:

More Space

Try expanding your existing playground space, and adding more and unique indoor playground equipment.

If there is enough space to walk around the swings or parents can encourage their kids during fun, it will be best for your equipment business and will distinguish your park from competitors’ trends.

More space for sitting to observe their children’s activities, wide space for walking around and in the swings, specific area for parking (it should be considered because the provision of parking space is the responsibility of the indoor owners), etc.

. Adorn With Toys

As indoor playground equipment is for kids of age between 3 to 15 years, you can target kids of all ages within this range (if you haven’t). There are plenty of options available for playground decoration. You can use universal red, green, and blue colors to decor the park.

If you want to boost your business then Surround the park with different kinds of toys. These toys like artificial snakes, turtles, tigers, lions, will prove beneficial to attract more kids. For example, you can introduce indoor equipment for teenagers like trampolines, and ninja warriors, which will add more exercise, thrill, and fun.

Children like mysterious castles, jungle themes, to see their imagination in reality. So, it’s best to design the walls with adorable and prominent colors which attract the attention of the playing children.

How many children visited the indoor play area and how many were active children. Once the child loves to play in your indoor playground, they will not leave the place even after free time.

When a child becomes stubborn to not go, obviously parents have to pay them and have to visit your playground regularly.

how much does it cost to start an indoor playground?

The cost to start an indoor playground can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the playground, location, equipment, labor costs, and other expenses. Generally, the cost to start an indoor playground can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

indoor playground

Here are some potential expenses to consider when estimating the cost to start an indoor playground:

  1. Rent and Utilities: The cost of renting or leasing a suitable indoor space for the playground, along with the cost of utilities and other expenses related to running the facility.
  2. Equipment and Installation: The cost of purchasing and installing indoor playground equipment, such as play structures, slides, swings, climbing walls, and soft play areas. Depending on the size and complexity of the playground, this cost could range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. Safety Surfacing: The cost of safety surfacing, such as rubber matting or foam padding, to cushion falls and prevent injuries. This cost could range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. Labor Costs: The cost of hiring and training staff to operate the playground, including wages, benefits, and training expenses.
  5. Insurance and Legal Fees: The cost of obtaining liability insurance and legal services to protect the business and ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards.
  6. Marketing and Advertising: The cost of marketing and advertising the indoor playground to attract customers, such as online advertising, social media marketing, and print materials.

Overall, the cost to start an indoor playground can vary widely depending on a number of factors. It is important to carefully plan and budget for all expenses before starting the business, in order to ensure that it is financially viable and sustainable.

The 10 best tips to maintain the play structure of your indoor playground

Maintaining your indoor playground or trampoline park is crucial for your business success. If you keep a close eye on your play structures, you guarantee the safety of your customers. Moreover, materials last longer and you never miss out on unnecessary turnover because you have to temporarily close your park or part of it. But how can you best maintain a play structure? Below you’ll find ten maintenance tips for leisure entrepreneurs.

The 10 best tips to maintain the play structure of your indoor playground

  1. Create a planning

Well begun, is half done. Successfully maintaining your playground starts with making a planning. Identify which elements your park has at its disposal. Then map out what is needed daily, monthly and annually to maintain it. Once you know this, you can decide which activities you can carry out yourself, which you leave to your employees and which tasks you outsource to experts.

If your indoor playground is installed by Dream garden  Play, you will always receive a manual that describes how to maintain each element in detail.

  1. Check your indoor playground daily

Start your working day with a check-up round or have an involved and experienced employee do this. During such a daily check you check the condition of all playground equipment in the park. This prevents small defects from becoming costly repairs or having to replace complete elements. Are the nets still in one piece? Are the pipe covers still good? And, does the trampoline still have all its springs? If you have digital elements in your playground, such as ValoJump, it’s a good idea to test them at the beginning of each working day. In case of a malfunction, the producer can often do the job remotely.

  1. ….and monthly

Check the couplings of the play structures monthly. Most of them are concealed under the covering of elements and therefore visually hidden. Also check whether the walkways in the structures are complete and whether the nets are still installed correctly. Finally, check if the connections in the slides are correct and whether the hanging game elements are secured in such a way that there is no chance of finger entrapment. Check, check, double check!

  1. Invest in training & learn to make knots

Not every knot is the same. This is certainly true when it comes to maintaining your nets. Nets are one of the most vulnerable elements of an indoor playground or trampoline park. At the same time, they play a very important role in ensuring the safety of your visitors. Therefore, invest in specialist knowledge and learn the right knotting technique. Dream garden Play service staff will be happy to visit you for a demonstration on location.

  1. Dust-free is a good thing

Why should you make it difficult when thinks can be easy? For cleaning most playground equipment, a bucket with soapy water is all you need. Avoid expensive, chemical cleaners and go for a standard all-purpose cleaner from the supermarket. Use a wet cloth to regularly wipe off all areas of the elements you can reach. This is not only good for hygiene, but also looks neat.

  1. Let them slide

An exception to the above rule are crawlers and slides. You only need to clean these with a damp cloth (without cleaning agent) and dry them afterwards. Depending on the humidity at your location, you can then use a special silicone spray. Crawl tubes and slides in indoor playgrounds can become rough because of the high level of humidity in many of the halls. With the silicone spray – available at ELI Play Service – you can let all your visitors glide comfortably again.

Slide Dream garden  Play

  1. Act immediately in the event of damage

Is something broken in your playground equipment? Then act as quickly as possible. Make an assessment of the safety of your visitors and, if necessary, close off part of your play structure. Don’t wait too long with the repair, this will prevent an element from breaking further and possibly having to be replaced in its entirety. If you want to act fast, ELI Play is the place to be. Email pictures of the damage to our service department: an employee will make a repair proposal as soon as possible.

  1. Book an annual playground inspection

In addition to the daily and monthly check, it is advisable to have an inspection carried out by an expert at least once a year. During this thorough annual check that you can book with Dream garden Play Service, all playground equipment is checked. The mechanic then draws up a quotation for all major parts that need replacement and for the necessary repair work on, for example, nets, trampolines, pads and paddings.

  1. Refresh the ball pool with the ball tray cleaner

Cleaning the balls of your ballpool one by one is of course an impossible job. Save time and effort and make use of ELI Play ball pool cleaning. A service employee will then visit you with the special ball cleaning machine with which ELI Play has been successfully cleaning ball pools for more than twenty years. Have the balls freshened up at least four times a year and consider concluding a ball pool cleaning contract.

  1. Document your maintenance efforts

Last but not least, do not forget to keep a log of all checks, maintenance and repair work you perform or have performed. Every owner of an indoor playground or trampoline park is obliged to do so by law. Tip: also save the ELI Play service reports in the logbook. Should an incident ever occur in your park, it is so good for your liability that you can always prove that you have done everything possible to maintain your playing structure properly and professionally.

Would you like more advice on how to maintain your playground?

Dream garden  Play is happy to support you in maintaining or repairing your playground. Our service team is always there for you. Call us at +8613868643987 or send an e-mail to

How To Start An Indoor Playground Business In 11 Steps?

Indoor playgrounds are fun places for the kids to stay physically active without getting serious injuries. To start a successful indoor playground business, you should choose a niche, create a detailed plan, select the right location and equipment, follow safety guidelines, and hire professionals to keep the kids safe at all times. Welcome to contact dream garden at

Since the mid-1990s, indoor playgrounds have continued to grow in popularity. Over time, indoor play areas have quietly developed into a legitimate industry, with a variety of options for children and their parents. While some indoor playgrounds cater to the youngest visitors, namely preschool-aged and under, others include activities for children of all ages and in some cases, adults as well.

So, how viable is the Indoor Playground Business? With increasing concerns about childhood obesity, many parents are looking for a fun, safe, and controlled environment for their kids, where they can be physically active; run, jump, and climb without the worry of serious injury, and where they can play hard, without parents having to worry about their security and safety. The indoor playground market fits that niche perfectly and has only continued to grow in recent years.

If starting an indoor playground business seems like a viable option, we will explain, step by step, the best way to move forward!

Find Your Niche

There are different versions of indoor playgrounds.

Many cater to the youngest children, from toddlers to preschool, while others focus more on preteens through adults. Although some indoor playgrounds focus solely on physical activities, like:

  • Climbing
  • Jumping
  • Running

Others include additional attractions, such as:

  • Video games
  • Skee ball
  • Other competitive features

Popular indoor playground activities and attractions include climbing, jumping, skee ball, and video games.

Before moving forward, it is important to find a niche, or a focus.

Perhaps you’re interested in opening an indoor playground with a focus on rock climbing or zip lining; or maybe a sports-oriented indoor playground, with some organized games, such as indoor soccer or dodgeball is closer to what you’re considering.

Still, other indoor playgrounds focus more on gymnastic activities, such as trampolines and tumbling.

To truly create a viable business, it is important to pick one area of specialty, and be the best at it.

By offering something with a unique area of focus, that’s a little bit different than other indoor playgrounds, you can target a specific customer base. You can also focus on the community at large, and provide something that other, similar businesses, do not.

Investigate The Competition

Indoor playgrounds are plentiful, but each one seems to offer something slightly different.

While some focus on gymnastic style play, others focus on different amenities, such as virtual reality video gaming, or go-carts, or a carnival style playground model where kids can earn tickets for prizes.

When considering a new business, it is important to understand the local competition.

By offering unique indoor playground equipment, you can easily outperform competitors.

Whatever the niche of the business, it is important to also provide something better, and different than direct competitors.

It’s important to understand who the competitors are, and how to outperform them, whether you provide:

  • Longer hours
  • Lower entrance fees
  • A better variety of activities and gaming options.

Planning, Planning… You’ll Want To Have A Plan

Before starting any business, it is important to create a workable plan that outlines every aspect of the business. You need to make decisions that address:

  • What is the main revenue stream?
  • Aside from admissions, are there other viable ways to create revenue for the playground?
  • What services can be included?
  • Will there be food served? If so, will there be hot food to order or vending services?
  • Will the facility have the capacity to host children’s parties?

Exploring the different amenities within the playground design and creating a business plan that outlines the various revenue streams, can help a small business owner:

  • Secure funding
  • Estimate overall costs
  • Determine what type of supplies and staffing will be necessary once the business is up and running.

You’ve Heard It Said, “Location, Location, Location”

When trying to create a commercial business, whether it’s an indoor playground, a deli, or a dry cleaner, it is important to find the right location.

First, you will want to consider the demographics in the surrounding area. For an indoor playground, it’s important to find a location that is easily accessible for families, perhaps:

  • In a commercial area
  • Close to schools
  • Well established neighborhoods.

The right location can make a business, and conversely, the wrong location can break a business.

Selecting the right location for your indoor playground will help you start a successful business.

Take the time to research an area thoroughly, find out why previous businesses have failed, and make sure the location makes sense for the type of business envisioned. It is important to find a location that is:

  • Convenient for families
  • Perhaps accessible by public transportation
  • In a location deemed safe for children and families.

Create Hype

Once a location is selected, it is time to start advertising.

While, it may seem too soon, it is truly never too early to start advertising an upcoming business venture.

Simple steps, like:

  • Placing a sign at the chosen location alerting those passing by of the upcoming business
  • Creating a Facebook and Instagram page to track the progress of the playground, from start to finish
  • Creating a dedicated website to alert people that an indoor playground is “Coming Soon”.

Upfront advertisements can help you alert inform people about an upcoming business.

Any kind of upfront, pre-opening advertising will help create excitement and anticipation surrounding this business venture. In addition to the passive advertising techniques listed above, consider some direct marketing as well, things such as:

  • Mail pieces to the community
  • Including discount coupons for admission
  • Perhaps a free drink, for all guests who arrive on opening day.

Select The Right Equipment

With the growing popularity of indoor playgrounds, there are many manufacturers of playground equipment to choose from. Quality and durability are important, as is safety. Before committing to any particular choice of equipment, it is important to thoroughly research each manufacturer.

In addition to cost, there are other considerations when selecting a manufacturer:

  • Which companies offer comprehensive warranties on equipment?
  • Which manufacturers include equipment assembly in their pricing package?
  • Do any of the manufacturers have local representation, such as a sales or service personnel, who can assist with questions and simple repairs and replacements?

Choosing the right equipment for your indoor playground will not only make the kids happy but also keep them safe.

It is also important to select equipment from manufacturers who prioritize the safety of their apparatus.

When running a business that includes playground equipment, amusement park rides, or sports related apparatus, safety must be of the highest concern.

Any reputable manufacturer should be able to produce paperwork certifying the safety of their equipment.  This is a vital piece of the puzzle when putting together an indoor playground.

Understand The True Cost

It is impossible to create admission fees, invest in marketing, or price food items until the true cost of creating and running an indoor playground is established.

Many things need to be considered when determining the cost of the business. Renting a space and buying the equipment is only one small factor.

Not only are there licensing requirements and insurance guidelines; there are also plenty of other administrative and operational costs:

  • Utilities, such as electric and water
  • Free-Wi-Fi for customers
  • Salaries for staff
  • Cost for consumable materials
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Basic upkeep.

It can actually seem slightly overwhelming. By creating a list of estimated expenses, business owners can better manage and understand what drives cost.

Understand Safety Guidelines And Licensing

It is important for business owners to understand the safety concerns, as well as any local regulations regarding this type of business. Since indoor playgrounds can carry some inherent risks based on the physical nature of activities, it is critical to learn all there is to know about keeping customers safe.

Learn the requirements in terms of safety precautions, and any restrictions on the type, size, or height of the play equipment to ensure all regulatory guidelines are being met.

This is also a great time to start:

  • Pricing insurance
  • Obtaining any necessary licenses or permits
  • Hiring any supporting office staff, such as an accountant, business manager, or analyst to assist with:
    • Maintaining appropriate paperwork
    • Meeting all regulatory guidelines
    • Maintaining licensing information.

Invest In Strategic Marketing

This is where understanding the competition really comes in handy. While it is important to understand what your competitors offer that customers absolutely love; it is equally important to understand what customers aren’t getting, or don’t like, from the competition!

It is vital to find the customer’s “pain point”. A pain point is a defined weakness that prevents a customer from getting exactly what they want.

Find that, and marketing is a cinch!

A pain point can be anything. Perhaps competitive indoor playgrounds are charging a high per person rate. This can be an easy pain point to solve, even without lowering prices. Solid ways to address high prices from competitive businesses could be:

  • Offering a buy two, get one free rate
  • Offering customers a ½ price ticket for a return trip within 60 days
  • Offering a separate child’s ticket price vs. adult ticket price

Another big parental complaint about indoor playgrounds is the noise!

They are loud, with plenty of screaming, wild kids.

Creating an indoor playground that includes a quiet space for Mom and Dad could potentially be a huge selling point!

Next, the level of cleanliness.

Everyone has heard stories about how dirty ball pits really are!

Focusing on cleanliness and disinfecting the equipment could easily turn an indoor playground into a parental favor over the competition.

The important thing is to find out what matters most to the parents, and direct marketing to meet their needs and address their pain points! This is an easy way to differentiate a business from the competition.

Hire Talented People

It’s important to pick the right employees. For an indoor playground, ideally, employees should:

  • Love working with children
  • Be outgoing
  • Dependable
  • Fun.

For your indoor playground business, hire friendly and sociable professionals who love working with children.

It is important to select a few employees that are experienced with basic first aid, in the event of minor scrapes and scuffles.

Think about every area of the business that requires staffing:

  • Staff to handle admissions
  • Answer customer inquiries
  • Take phone calls.

Additional staff to:

  • Help run events and parties
  • Supervise games and equipment
  • Oversee the snack bar.

While some employees can fill more than one role, it is really important to have the right fit.

Turnover in employment is a huge business expense that can, with the right staff in place, be reduced dramatically.

The cost to advertise jobs, interview and train new people, pay salaries, buy uniforms, etc. It all adds up. By picking talented and dependable people, and treating them well, retaining employees is much easier.

The right employees will be equally invested in making the business a success.

Use Social Media For Promotion

Social media is an incredible tool.

Studies indicate that nearly 80% of Americans use some type of social media app.

Using social media to create excitement prior to opening is only the beginning!

To keep your followers involved in your business, use social media for sharing updates and special offers.

Creating regular updates, focusing on different aspects of the business, and offering small benefits, such as a reduced price one day a week, free beverage refills, or other little perks through social media keeps followers interested in the organization.

Plus, customer reviews are a great way to get free, positive advertising!

Creating regular social media posts and encouraging customers to leave comments about their experiences is the best free advertising in the world!

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Indoor Playground From The Ground Up?

This question is a bit hard to answer, as prices can vary tremendously depending on what the business offers.

However, there are certain factors that can create fluctuation in a pricing model. Let’s take a look at what they are and discuss each one in detail:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Age Range of Targeted Customers
  • Type of Activities Offered
  • Liability rates by location


Obviously, opening an indoor playground in Los Angeles or New York City will cost a lot more money than opening one in Topeka, Kansas!

For the most part, indoor playgrounds require a large space, so in midsize to large cities, large spaces come with a premium price. It is important for potential business owners to research rental and purchase rates based on square footage in the targeted location.

Sometimes making a small change to a different zip code can save a good deal of money.

Taxes and rental rates vary widely depending on locations.

Location is one of the most important factors when creating a business, however, what may be considered a great location for a supermarket, may not be the best location for an indoor playground.

When considering costs, it is important to weigh the cost factor against the benefits of the selected location. For example, building an indoor playground off of a main thoroughfare, but close to well established family neighborhoods may cost less and work in favor of the business.

It is more important that kids and their parents find the location convenient, rather than ensuring that it’s on the busiest road in town.

Size of the Total Space

The size of an indoor playground can vary dramatically.

Playgrounds designed for toddlers and preschool-aged children can be considerably smaller than those that are designed with older kids, teens, and adults in mind.

The overall size of an indoor playground influences the costs of building it from the ground up.

For example, an indoor playground built for toddlers and preschoolers could be housed in a 2000 square foot space rather easily, including areas for parents to relax, a snack bar, and other amenities.

Conversely, a large scale, family size indoor playground can require spaces larger than even 15,000 square feet. It all depends on:

  • The type of activities included in the playground
  • The focal activities provided
  • The demographic the business is designed to serve.

Age Range of Targeted Customers

Age range will dramatically affect nearly every aspect of an indoor playground. From the overall size, to the types of services offered, to the number of customers serviced daily.

Age range is probably the single biggest factor in determining what an indoor playground will look like. 

Indoor playgrounds for older kids will have to operate longer hours compared to the ones meant for toddlers.

Oftentimes, playgrounds designed for younger children operate almost like a traditional ‘Mommy and Me” class where parents and kids can pay an hourly rate for activities that are group led.

Since toddlers and preschoolers tire or need naps, this is a customer base that will not be spending all day inside, so creating 2 hours ‘appointment’ times can encourage a steady stream of patrons all day long and increase daily revenue over a more free form style of service.

The operating hours can mimic a basic workday in many cases, thus cutting costs in terms of salaries and staffing.

Obviously, indoor playgrounds catering to older kids and adults will need to operate longer hours and provide a variety of activities designed to keep kids and adults engaged and having fun for several hours at a time.

Types of Services Offered

While the age range of the targeted customer base will dramatically affect the size of the area needed, the customer demographics affect costs in other ways also.

The older the patron, the more extreme some of the activities need to be. For example, when attempting to appeal to older teens and adults, attractions such as indoor ziplines and indoor go-karts are much more expensive to design and run, but they bring in more revenue as well.

Admission prices can be based on general activities, with specialized services, such as ziplining, virtual reality play, and bowling, for example, charged separately from general admission.

Using this kind of a pricing model, the business can cater to both wealthier families as well as the more frugal. Offering a la carte services is a great way to build value and create additional revenue streams.

Additionally, indoor playgrounds can make money in other ways as well. Consider including an arcade.

Arcade games are easy to maintain and are easy money-makers.

Catering children’s birthday parties with a variety of package deals and services is also an easy extra revenue stream.

Watch which activities pull in the money. Then you can rotate out the activities that don’t create a significant revenue stream and bring in new ones!

Liability Insurance Costs

This is another tricky area.

Liability expenses to insure an indoor playground will vary widely based on location, along with the size and scope of the activities and services offered.

While insurance rates and maintaining liability insurance for a large scale indoor playground may seem daunting, the type of services offered should drive up costs for customers at a similar rate.

That is why it is important to keep an eye on popular activities, and quickly move out attractions that aren’t paying the bills.

Additionally, liability rates can vary dramatically between different insurers. It is very important to obtain at least 3 or more quotes when deciding on insurance.

Also important to note, there are usually different factors that can affect rates as well, such as special consideration or discounts provided by insurers. For example, some insurers will offer discounted rates to minority or women-owned businesses. Additionally, just like car insurance can be affected by certain safety factors, so can liability insurance for an indoor playground.

It is very important to take the time to review all quotes and discuss all options for providing liability for your business.

What About An Indoor Playground Franchise?

Another option for starting an indoor playground business is owning a franchise.

While at times, franchising can lower overall investment costs, it isn’t a guarantee. However, with a business model that is fairly complex, an indoor playground can be somewhat daunting for many small business owners.

Franchise ownership provides business owners with all the perks of owning and operating their own business, but with the strength and backing of a well-known name.

Benefits of a Franchise

There are many benefits to investing in a franchise, especially with a business like an indoor playground. In reviewing franchise operations for a mid-range indoor playground that services children from about age 2 to age 12, they offer several benefits to their franchise owners, such as:

  • Market Research
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Professional Installation
  • Design and Equipment
  • Training and Support
  • Discounts on Equipment and food/beverages
  • Territorial Protection
  • Advertising

Market Research

A well-established franchise already understands the market, and as such can provide new business owners with a wealth of information. For companies that have a long standing history, market research will consist of factors that as someone new to the industry, may not have even thought about!

Lease Negotiations

A large scale indoor playground company understands the value in terms of rental space, and they know exactly what it should cost to rent a building for their franchises.

Taking into account some of the market fluctuation in different areas of the country, franchise owners can rest assured that they will not be taken advantage of in terms of leasing prices. The franchise company should be true experts.

Professional Installation

Oftentimes franchise companies partner with a specific group of builders around the country or region to handle all of the builds and installations for their franchise owners. This allows the owner to sit back and let someone familiar with the equipment complete all the necessary installations.

There is no need to reach out to several installers, obtain quotes, customer feedback, etc. They can simply get the job done.

By investing in a franchise company, you will not have to spend too much time on searching for professional installers.

Design and Equipment

Again, franchise companies have the benefit of experience. They know what designs are most appealing to customers and they know which equipment and attractions are guest favorites. There is no guesswork here for the franchise owner. No worries about removing and replacing equipment that is not popular, as the business model has already been established.

Training and Support

It is hard to overestimate the benefit of good training and support.

Understanding an industry, the market, and demographic serviced by the business, not to mention what works and what doesn’t, is truly key to the overall success of a business.

With a successful franchise, owners have the benefit of being trained on what works! Previous owners have already gone through the trial and error, so the hard work has been done. Good franchise companies will offer ongoing support, particularly in the first couple of years, as the business owner truly gets up to speed.


Whether it is equipment, rent, or food products, buying in large quantities usually means deep discounts. When working with a franchise business, the individual business owner gets the benefit of a large company’s buying power, even though they are only buying for their location.

By using specific vendors already contracted with the franchise, owners will pay well below cost for items.

Territorial Protection

Again, plenty of research has taught franchise companies what a territory needs, and doesn’t need, to be successful. As a franchise owner, you can be guaranteed that you won’t be crowded by additional franchise owners, as each territory is already defined.


A well-recognized name and a good reputation are fantastic advertising. Franchise owners get the benefits of a familiar name, national advertising, as well as local support.

While they choose to increase advertising through social media, or on local radio, having the national support of a network of established advertising is almost like money in the bank.

What Playground Business Will You Start?

Ultimately, it is up to each individual person or business owner to decide what works best for them.

Many people prefer to have the support of a well-known company backing them as they start their own business endeavor. Other people want complete autonomy to create their own space, recognize their own vision, and have the freedom to do business however they choose.

Each method has its own risks and rewards. Either way, the indoor playground industry has continued to grow and develop over the past 2 or 3 decades and shows no signs of stopping any time soon!

Indoor playgrounds Top 10

We have sum up 10 best indoor playgrounds in florida,USA. Welcome to check any of site below, you will have a great experience for fun with your family. If you want to start an indoor playground business,please contact us for more details. In the meantime, you can check our website online:

01,La-La Land ! Fun indoor Playground !

Address:11411 W Palmetto Park Rd B, Boca Raton, FL 33428

02,Flippo’s Fort Lauderdale

Address:1455 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


Address:7149 N Frontage Rd, Orlando, FL 32812

04,Millie Moo’s

Address:4085 L B McLeod Rd, Orlando, FL 32811

05,Jumpin’ Jamboree

Address:6000 NW 97th Ave #1, Doral, FL 33178

06,Trinity’s Indoor Playground

Address:800 Hammond Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221

07,Kidz Play & Party Club

Address:8080 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32809

08,Flippo’s Sunrise

Address:3868 N University Dr, Sunrise, FL 33351

09,Bounce N Play Family Center

Address:4881 SW 60th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474

10,Munchkin Town

Address:14100 US-19 Suite 130, Clearwater, FL 33764


01,La-La Land ! Fun indoor Playground !

La–La Land Kids Indoor Playground is a 15,000 square foot indoor playground designed specifically to keep your children happy for hours. We have a three level indoor play structure (covering over 5,600 square feet) that has a variety of activities for your kids to enjoy such as: a giant 4 person wave slide, foam ball fountain, two foam ball dumping baskets, rainbow bridges, pyramid obstacles, web net bridges, two automatic foam ball loading machines, donut slides, ninja course, rope course, rock climbing wall.

Address:11411 W Palmetto Park Rd B, Boca Raton, FL 33428

Phone:(561) 465-2980



02,Flippo’s Fort Lauderdale

From our playgrounds to inventive game rooms, our indoor children’s activity center offers family-friendly entertainment for kids 1-14 years old. We have something exciting for kids of all ages.

Address:1455 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Phone:(844) 354-7767




We are a climate-controlled environment for children of all ages to come in and have fun and burn off excess energy! We want families with children of a wide age range to have a one stop entertainment zone for all the kids to come in and get moving.

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am- 9:00 pm

Sunday: 10:00am – 7:00 pm

Holidays: 9:00am – 9:00 pm

Address:7149 N Frontage Rd, Orlando, FL 32812

Phone:(321) 441-4898



04,Millie Moo’s

The play area is segmented into various sections based on age range to promote a level playing field all day long. Children 2 years and under can experience a section of Millie Moo’s Orlando all for themselves to avoid the big kids disrupting play. With sanitation stations throughout the play area, and daily sanitation routines, our venue is protected around the clock from unwanted germs.

Address:4085 L B McLeod Rd, Orlando, FL 32811

Phone:(407) 373-4553



05,Jumpin’ Jamboree

Jumpin’ Jamboree is a 15,000 sq. ft. play and party place where children engage in active play in a safe, clean, fun, weather-proof environment while parents sit back, relax and enjoy the cold a/c, free WI-FI, flat screen televisions, the latest digests, and endless smiles & giggles from their kids and we also have a variety of delicious snacks available for the entire family.

Address:6000 NW 97th Ave #1, Doral, FL 33178

Phone:(786) 598-8085



06,Trinity’s Indoor Playground

The Plaza was designed with our community in mind! One of Jacksonville’s largest indoor playground is located on Trinity’s beautiful campus on the westside near I-10 and I-295.  Therefore,the Plaza has become a hot spot for families with young children who enjoy the indoor playgrounds.And also for college students who enjoy the free wifi. As well as business professionals who enjoy meeting over coffee. The Plaza’s Café proudly serves Bold Bean coffee and specialty drinks.

Address:800 Hammond Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221

Phone:(904) 596-2400



07,Kidz Play & Party Club

Event Venue In Orlando, Florida

Kidz Play and Party Club believes that a child’s whole self-development should be filled with fun and playful learning experiences in a place that is clean and age appropriate for them—just like home!

Address:8080 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32809

Phone:(407) 826-1020



08,Flippo’s Sunrise

Come celebrate with Flippo and friends for your next birthday! We offer packages to make your party planning a breeze, or we’ll work with you to customize your child’s birthday to meet your needs.

Address:3868 N University Dr, Sunrise, FL 33351

Phone:(844) 354-7767



09,Bounce N Play Family Center

Bounce N Play is a fun, safe, indoor recreational environment for “children” of all ages to learn, play, and explore!

Under new ownership!

Come play in our jumbo indoor bounce houses!

Test your skills in the ninja course, climb over 20’ up to the top of our tallest slides, or toss a ball around in our


Address:4881 SW 60th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474

Phone:(352) 857-8020



10,Munchkin Town

An indoor playground and party venue for children ages 0 to 6 located in Clearwater, Florida.

Address:14100 US-19 Suite 130, Clearwater, FL 33764

Phone:(727) 386-4909


why choose dream garden playground as playground equipment supplier?

Custom Playground Equipment – Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a winning team of professional playground consultants that will flawlessly guide you through the process of purchasing your new or replacement  outdoor playground equipment and indoor playground equipment. Our sales representative would love to help you create the kids play equipment of your dreams while keeping to your budget. We are honored to be considered for your commercial playgrounds and we vow to make the process the most pleasant and exciting as it should be. After all, school and children playground equipment is supposed to provide a fun and engaging way for children to release their excitement and energies.

You can trust our company to supply you with age-appropriate playgrounds and even offer the unique ability to create a custom outdoor play equipment structure to your specifications. Our custom commercial playgrounds can be the basis of a new playground area, or can be added to your current church playground equipment or school playgrounds for a fresh new look and feel. We can design custom theme play equipment that compliments your color schemes and even includes your favorite animals or mascot! Whether you are planning a design for entire play structures or a single free-standing play event, we will do a custom rendering and build your conceptual play equipment and offer our services to fine-tune it any way you can imagine. We will also help you to make improvements on your indoor playground design ideas before producing your custom commercial playgrounds.

How to Buy Playground Equipment?

Our staff has extensive experience in the industry and we know that buying high dollar items online can be intimidating. But as a leader in commercial playgrounds industry, we are here to put your worries to rest by providing you a turnkey service that takes all the guesswork out of buying kids playground equipment. The process has been simplified so you don’t have to invest your time or concern into your custom playground project:First, our Playground Experts will size up at your available space and dimensions. Next, they will consider both the physical and developmental needs of the children you are accommodating. Once that is determined, they are all about sticking to your set budget while ensuring your outdoor play equipment project is in full ADA compliance and maximized for play value.

Our vast selection of outdoor playground equipment ranges from preschool playground equipment designed for toddlers and preschoolers, up to and including school aged children. Our outdoor playgrounds are designed to mindfully incorporate accessibility as well, to make sure that all kids of all abilities will have a blast on your outdoor play equipment.

Playground Safety

Safety is always a primary concern for any kids play equipment. Our safety surfacing is available in many materials, colors and price points. When you contact us for a playground quote, our experts will also give you some ideas on your surfacing options. Playground flooring can be much more affordable than you may think and it is a critical element for truly safety-focused outdoor playground equipment.

Affordable Playground Equipment

Our commercial playgrounds are value priced for affordability without compromising quality. We pride ourselves on our highly competitive pricing and nearly always being able to get our customers a lower price on playground equipment than our competitors. When you contact us for a quote, you can expect that our Playground Experts will find you the ideal outdoor play equipment for your needs and financial constraints. You will also be quoted the best freight quotes and installation prices we can find which means added buying power for your actual play equipment. Ultimately all these savings add up to more play value which means some very happy kids! And that is what residential and commercial playgrounds are all about!

Custom Playground Equipment specializes in commercial playgrounds and equipment. If you are in need of outdoor playground equipment for your commercial, municipal or outdoor fitness equipment, we are here to serve you. As China suppliers of commercial playgrounds, we have an exciting opportunity to create children play equipment custom made to order. If you have a project idea that seems beyond reach, please consider trusting us to execute it with precision and enthusiasm! Contact us today at  for your FREE playground design and quote. Our Qualified Playground Consultants are here to discuss your all kind of playground equipment project and help see it all come to fruition.

Dream garden Catalogs

Dream garden catalogs include product ideas, project examples, and dozens of ways to help children, families, and communities stay active together.
Indoor playgroundtrampoline parkplayground equipment, and More
No matter your space or budget, Dream garden has outstanding design team to help you create the perfect space for people of all ages and abilities. Use the form below to request a copy of our current catalogs, or click each cover to view online.

How To Start A Family Entertainment Center?

Start A Family Entertainment Center

The first step in planning your center is finding your market.  Will you market to toddlers, teens, adults or all of the above? What other activities does your market offer that you will be competing with? (Parks, Laser Tag, Malls, Youth Recreation, Church Groups)?

Action Ninja Warrior and action game style obstacle courses have become very popular and there are options for all ages. Take a look at our huge selection of Action Games for some inspiration.

Location. Location. Location.

Once you decide who your target market is, you will then need to decide on a location. An FEC is dependent on repeat customer visits. A location near traffic area such as malls, school, commercial or retail areas are ideal. The location needs to have ample parking and easy to get into and out of when driving. Do not pick your location based on price as there is a reason the lease is so cheap. Zoning of the building is key and look for any upcoming road work that could affect your business.

Plan, Plan and Plan Again

Now that you’re sure you want to own a Family Entertainment Center you will want to create a Business Plan. The plan needs to include what products you will need to purchase, what your expenses for your location (rent,water, electric, security) will be, what your employee costs will run and what the maintenance on equipment will be.  This will be important as it will give you a decent, high level overview of how much money you will need to generate each month to cover costs alone.


Once you have your business plan, how are financing this new venture?  Where will you get the capital needed for this indoor playground business venture? From a private investor, bank or self funded.  Check your local Small Business Administration group, which might yield some good options.


One of the most important steps when planning your FEC is having it function well, flow, and a theme to make it successful. Have you put thought into the design?  Don’t just go and buying everything you see.  You want to have a clear plan to serve your clients and have it in a space they feel welcome and enjoy coming to.  Is the traffic pattern good?  Will people feel over crowded?  These are all important things to look at.  Hiring a quality designer is an excellent option if this is a task that you feel is out of your hands. They can help to make it flow and quality contractors can modify the space to suit your needs.

Unique Selling Point

What is going to set you apart from the crowd? What is going to be the statement piece that sets you apart from any competition, the piece that keeps customers coming back time and time again? Adrenalator™ has been a popular item for either portable but fixed installations as the “WOW” piece. If you’re focusing on laser-tag and dark/glow rides then Cyborbots™ might be the visually stunning game you’ve been looking for.

Equipment Purchasing

You will want to start purchasing equipment no later than 3-6 months prior to your launch date.  This will allow you ample time to work out any issues prior to your grand opening. You can use this time to offer sneak peeks via social media and build hype around your pending opening. You can also use this time to secure parties, fundraisers and launch a huge kick off party!

Advertising – Shouting from the rooftops

Start advertising 3 months prior to opening your facility. Some of the most effective advertising is locally targeted social media. You will also need a quality website as it is going to be the customer’s first impression of you. You want it to be easy to navigate and as few clicks as possible to get the customer the information that they are looking for.

Strength in the Community

Build partnerships with your community. Local schools, churches, youth groups and other non profits is a great start and offering them group rates would be a great way to attract business early before the doors actually open. You want to get as many eyes and bodies into your facility in the first month to start spreading the positive word of mouth reviews.
Looking for a little advice? Feel free to give us a call anytime. We are happy to speak with you about how to Own A Family Entertainment Center and your new business venture.

Amusement Business Consultation