Before you begin, ensure you’ve cleared the designated area for the playground. Clean it thoroughly.
Refer to the installation diagram provided. It will have markings like A1, A2, B1, B2, etc., to guide the assembly process.
Step-by-step Guide:

Flooring First:

For a three-floor playground: Lay down the EVA mat on the floor before assembling the frame.
For a two-floor playground: Begin assembling the frame. Once the first floor is assembled, lift it and place the EVA mat underneath.
If you have been provided with a soft pad instead of an EVA mat, install this pad when working on the first-floor frame.
Setting up the Frame:

印度金奈安装图 三层 二层

Start assembling floor by floor. Begin with floor one, then floor two, and so on.
Initially focus on the vertical pipes. Each vertical pipe will come with a metal foot platform at the base.
Before assembling horizontal pipes, ensure all fasteners are fixed on the vertical pipes.
Most horizontal pipes are of size 117cm. Therefore, you don’t need to distinguish between, for instance, the one between A1 and A2 or A1 and B1. Just ensure they’re of the correct length.
Connecting Horizontal and Vertical Pipes:

Attach horizontal pipes to the vertical ones from the first floor using the fasteners prepared in step 2.
The installation diagram uses color-coding to differentiate fasteners. The same colors indicate identical fasteners. Ensure you match them correctly.
Installing Accessories:

Begin assembling additional features like slides, bridges, and tunnels.
Note: To save time, it’s recommended to install these accessories concurrently with the frame.
Finishing Touches:

Once all parts are in place, cover all iron pipes with PVC covers for safety and aesthetics.
Additional Equipment:

If you have other equipment like shooting games, ball washing machines, etc., that aren’t mentioned here, please refer to their specific manuals or reach out to us for guidance.
Warning: Properly following these instructions will ensure a swift and efficient setup. Should you face any complications, please contact your sales consultant for more detailed assistance.


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